Black / Indigenous Lives Matter

“Can you give me a hand up? I’m not sure I can get back up”, an older woman (probably in her early 70s) said to me today. She was one of many people taking part in today’s protest march in Sydney. She’d just taken part in a collective action where people knelt down and gave the “knee salute”.

The protest in Sydney was the most “controversial” of the many marches held around Australia today, as it had been the subject of court action to prevent it from going ahead.… Read the rest “Black / Indigenous Lives Matter”

Making use of that old digital TV set-top box

Here’s a handy hint for making use of that old digital TV set-top box you might still have.

You can now listen to ABC stations like local ABC Radio, Triple J, Classic and RN etc via free-to-air TV.

Today I was chatting to a colleague who lives in the south of Sydney, and doesn’t enjoy great reception on either AM or DAB+.

He told me how he hooked his old digital TV set-top box to his home stereo.… Read the rest “Making use of that old digital TV set-top box”

Andrew Olle Media Lecture 2019

I took a rebel stand on my outfit for this year’s “Andrew Olle Media Lecture”. Though I’ve been attending the lecture for over twenty years (only missing one, the year I lived in Western Australia) dressing for it is pretty simple.

As a man, all you need to worry about is a tuxedo and a bow-tie. In contrast, a friend/colleague mentioned on Facebook earlier in the week, she was struggling with her outfit, while trying to maintain her carbon footprint.… Read the rest “Andrew Olle Media Lecture 2019”

Radio Alive

“I was on the verge of getting up and walking out”, a colleague told me over lunch. “He’s a disgusting, horrible person, and represents everything I hate”, she added.

She was referring to the radio presenter, Kyle Sandilands, in conversation with TV presenter, Karl Stefanovic. They were on stage at Radio Alive, an annual radio conference (put on by the commercial radio sector, but of broader interest than just selling ads), held this year in Brisbane.… Read the rest “Radio Alive”