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  • The Eastern Suburbs G&L Choir

    The Eastern Suburbs G&L Choir

    A couple of years ago, I wrote the following:

    Twenty five years ago (or thereabouts) I remember attending the National Choral Championships in Wagga Wagga. Although it sounds fairly tame, the championship organisers found themselves the subject of national media interest, as they asked the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir to change their name to the “Eastern Suburbs Choir” (or something like that).

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  • The Passing Of Time

    The Passing Of Time

    Though I can’t be sure of the exact date, it was sometime in February 1988 (thirty years ago) when I got my first full time “paid job” in radio, working at 2WEB, Bourke.… Read the rest

  • 92.9 / 2NCR-FM

    92.9 / 2NCR-FM

    I paid a visit this morning to 92.9, Lismore’s community radio station, although I know it better as 2NCR-FM, the station where I got my start in radio.

    Almost forty years ago, two or three times a week, my dad would drive me from our home in South Lismore to Goonellabah.… Read the rest

  • Andrew Olle Media Lecture

    Andrew Olle Media Lecture

    Once again, the Andrew Olle Media Lecture, which I’ve been attending for over twenty years, delivered. A terrific speech about sports journalism, and the changing face of media, viewed from the perspective of award winning footy writer, Caroline Wilson.… Read the rest

  • Lismore Floods

    Lismore Floods

    I don’t really know what to say about the floods in Lismore, except they’ve had a deep impact on me, even though I’m many hundreds of kilometres away, and even though for the most part, I’m reasonably relaxed about floods at home, as I have written previously.… Read the rest

  • Classic Radio Drama

    Classic Radio Drama

    Though there’s a temptation to think the days of radio drama are long dead, that’s not the case. As a child growing up in the 70s/80s, comedy programs like Chuck Chunder, How Green Was My Cactus etc, continued to be a daily ritual for me.… Read the rest