Hallå hela pressen

The train trip between Gävle and Stockholm is pretty stunning. It only takes about 90 minutes, but along the way there is so much to see. Well, maybe not much that to see, but the snow is kinda hypnotic. I spent most of the trip looking out the window at the snow and the trees.… Read the rest “Hallå hela pressen”

Schlager Sunday

I spent a few minutes today going through a book I bought last year in Sweden called, “Schlagerbog”. At its very core, it’s a book about modern gay life in Sweden. The title, however, says it all. Schlager is a type of Swedish pop song. Bog is a poof. In Australia, you would call the book Kyliequeens or something like that.… Read the rest “Schlager Sunday”

Schlager Night at Stockholm Pride

You know how I mentioned yesterday the drag queens at Europride made a very funny joke about Eurovision. Two drag queens dressed in full-length berkas came on stage and were announced as this year’s winners of the song contest. In essence, it was about the changing face of the Eurovision Song Contest due to the introduction of many new Eastern European countries.… Read the rest “Schlager Night at Stockholm Pride”