Stockholm i Natt

“Excuse me, I have to take some more photographs”, I said to my friend Mattias, as we enjoyed conversation and a beer at Blå Dörren (a bar at Slussen). Though the sunset last night was not as spectacular as earlier in the week, the night colours (once the sun had set) were beautiful. Before and after we entered the bar, I took some photographs, looking towards Gamla Stan. Thanks to the auto-create effect in Google Photos, they were transformed into two stunning panoramas.… Read the rest “Stockholm i Natt”

Stockholm’s Soccer Fever

Stockholm is abuzz with soccer fever. In the centre of town, the main part of Kungstradgarden is dedicated to a major display surrounding the UEFA Cup. There’s the actual cup, which you can have your photograph taken with, along with demonstrations of soccer played by people with a disability etc.

I watched for a while and watched the match to be played by people, to demonstrate some of the issues facing people who are colour-blind. I’m colour-blind by the way, though not severely.… Read the rest “Stockholm’s Soccer Fever”

Take The Other Turn

I was on my way to see a new exhibition at the ABBA Museum, highlighting the artists who have appeared over the years at Stockholm’s amusement park, Grona Lund. However, as I got off the ferry, I took a right turn instead of a left. I’ve long been on the view that it’s often a good idea to take “the road less travelled”. Sometimes you’ll end up down a laneway with nothing of interest. But other times, you’ll see some really amazing stuff.… Read the rest “Take The Other Turn”

Early Riser

Even though I have been told on a few occasions, I should keep the blind closed at night, due to the early morning sunrise, I have not bothered much with the advice. I quite like waking up early, and I quite like waking up naturally, you might say, with the sunshine. Besides, when you wake early, you get to see some really terrific things, without the tourist crowd. When I woke early, I wandered into the centre of Stockholm, enjoyed the peace of walking through Gamla Stan, and even saw a group of people riding on horseback.… Read the rest “Early Riser”