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  • Supernova + Stop Girl

    Supernova + Stop Girl

    “It’s was really weird in some ways, as I’ve known Sally for about thirty years”, I said to my friend as talked about the play “Stop Girl” at Belvoir Street Theatre.… Read the rest

  • Hamilton + Durian

    Hamilton + Durian

    I’ve only ever eaten durian in one of those sweet pancakes you will often find in an Asian bakery. I can vaguely remember the first time I tried it, thinking it was going to be one of those foods which smelled terrible, but tasted wonderful.… Read the rest

  • Yes, it’s raining in Surry Hills

    Yes, it’s raining in Surry Hills

    I’d forgotten how busy Cleveland Street can be in the early hours of the morning. Although I like to wake early, it’s been a few months since I’ve wandered down the road in the early hours.… Read the rest

  • Live Theatre

    Live Theatre

    “You can sit wherever you like, so long as you don’t sit in the front row, and so long as there are two empty seats either side of you”, I was told in response to my question about where I could sit tonight.… Read the rest

  • Winter Sunshine

    Winter Sunshine

    “What are you doing, and what are your plans for the afternoon?”, my friend Sue asked me on the phone around lunchtime. “I’m sitting on the couch watching Youtube and that was my plan for the afternoon”, I told her.… Read the rest

  • Breakfast Thoughts

    Breakfast Thoughts

    “There are too many awful people, who I don’t care about”, I thought to myself as I scrolled through today’s paper. I got to about page fifteen or thereabouts, and decided I really didn’t want read any more.… Read the rest