Comedy Should Be Funny

You know how when you walk away from a comedy night you're supposed to feel good about the world? Tonight I've walked away feeling a bit grumpy. Overall, I really loved the Comedy Showcase tonight at Sydney's Comedy Store. I thought the comedians (all part-timers I suspect, and all quite young, aside from Merrick Watts … Continue reading Comedy Should Be Funny


Confluence Gala

You may (or may not) have heard of Confluence, the Festival of India in Australia. It's a three month long cultural festival which is being supported by a number of organisations, including the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). That's why I was invited to the Festival Gala, held last night at the Sydney Opera House. And … Continue reading Confluence Gala


Notes from the Underground

"I have tickets for Notes From The Undergound and my sister is sick and can't make it. Would you like to join me?" read the mid-afternoon text from a friend. Having no plans for Saturday night, I immediately said yes. And then I looked it up. Ah yes, I'd read the novella by Dostoyevsky maybe … Continue reading Notes from the Underground


The Moth in Sydney

When asked to choose a team name in keeping with the theme "borders", I chose "Coolangatta Gold". Admittedly, it's a rather obscure reference to a 1980s film which starred Colin Friels, Robin Kevin, Grant Kenny and others about ironman events. As such, I thought it was a great way to encompass the interests of my friend … Continue reading The Moth in Sydney

Rugby League - The Musical

Rugby League – The Musical

As I sat and sipped my beer (in plastic, no doubt a sign of the end of Western civilisation) waiting for the theatre doors to open, I wondered if I knew enough about rugby league to enjoy "Rugby League - The Musical", tonight at the Sydney Comedy Festival. Though I know a bit about the … Continue reading Rugby League – The Musical

Penny Arcade at Giant Dwarf

Penny Arcade

I was a little surprised to see Bob and Blanche in the audience last night at "Giant Dwarf". Though, I've seen them at heaps of theatre events around Sydney, it's often been at the "top end of town", whereas "Giant Dwarf" is a little more down-market, and it's a little more "alternative". Last night's show … Continue reading Penny Arcade

Julian Morrow, Kristina Keneally and Amanda Vanstone

Amanda Vanstone @ Giant Dwarf

She wasn't as "candid" as I'd hoped she would be, given the machinations in the Liberal Party over the last few weeks, but she was still interesting. Amanda Vanstone was the latest "political guest" at Giant Dwarf, having followed in the footsteps of Tony Windsor and Julia Gillard. I missed Gillard, due to my overseas … Continue reading Amanda Vanstone @ Giant Dwarf