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  • Supernova + Stop Girl

    Supernova + Stop Girl

    “It’s was really weird in some ways, as I’ve known Sally for about thirty years”, I said to my friend as talked about the play “Stop Girl” at Belvoir Street Theatre. We had parallel careers for a while. I worked at 2WEB Bourke, and she replaced me. I moved to the ABC in Renmark, and she replaced me there, too.… Read the rest “Supernova + Stop Girl”

  • Hamilton + Durian

    Hamilton + Durian

    I’ve only ever eaten durian in one of those sweet pancakes you will often find in an Asian bakery. I can vaguely remember the first time I tried it, thinking it was going to be one of those foods which smelled terrible, but tasted wonderful. My conclusion? It smelled terrible, and tasted pretty average.… Read the rest “Hamilton + Durian”

  • Yes, it’s raining in Surry Hills

    Yes, it’s raining in Surry Hills

    I’d forgotten how busy Cleveland Street can be in the early hours of the morning. Although I like to wake early, it’s been a few months since I’ve wandered down the road in the early hours. As with last time, I’d run out of milk. There’s a particular brand of milk at the nearby service station which I really like the taste of called Farmhouse Gold.… Read the rest “Yes, it’s raining in Surry Hills”

  • Live Theatre

    Live Theatre

    “You can sit wherever you like, so long as you don’t sit in the front row, and so long as there are two empty seats either side of you”, I was told in response to my question about where I could sit tonight. “Perfect”, I said, “That’s exactly how I like it when I’m attending live theatre”.… Read the rest “Live Theatre”

  • Winter Sunshine

    Winter Sunshine

    “What are you doing, and what are your plans for the afternoon?”, my friend Sue asked me on the phone around lunchtime. “I’m sitting on the couch watching Youtube and that was my plan for the afternoon”, I told her.

    Even though it’s mid-winter in Sydney, the weather’s terrific. A little bit chilly at night, but late teens most days.… Read the rest “Winter Sunshine”

  • Breakfast Thoughts

    Breakfast Thoughts

    “There are too many awful people, who I don’t care about”, I thought to myself as I scrolled through today’s paper. I got to about page fifteen or thereabouts, and decided I really didn’t want read any more. So I pulled out my laptop, and went looking for some more interesting reads.… Read the rest “Breakfast Thoughts”

  • Long Weekend

    Long Weekend

    Though many people like to go away for long weekends, I’m far more inclined to be a home-body. It’s quiet and relaxed. And so, I’m starting the third day of the Queen’s Birthday Weekend with nothing much planned, aside from a very vague idea I’ll go for a swim, and maybe engage in some more “binge television”.… Read the rest “Long Weekend”

  • Out & About

    Out & About

    The view from Sydney’s “Ensemble Theatre” is one of Sydney’s hidden delights, both from the restaurant below, and the bar upstairs. Even though the theatre has been there for over sixty years, I’m guessing most Sydney-siders have never visited “The Ensemble”.

    View from the bar at Sydney's Ensemble Theatre
    View from the bar at Sydney’s Ensemble Theatre

    “There is , however, a large, loyal subscriber base”, I told the guy I got chatting to, as we waited for this afternoons late afternoon sold out matinee of “The Appleton Ladies’ Potato Race“.… Read the rest “Out & About”

  • Pigalle


    “I really love French disco from the late 70s to the early 80s”, I whispered into the ear of my friend, Sue, as we watched and listened to the DJ, and waited for the show to start, a production called Pigalle at Sydney Festival.

    DJ warms up the crowd at Pigalle at Sydney Festival

    As examples, here’s a few clips from the period.… Read the rest “Pigalle”