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  • Sydney’s Marriage Equality Rally

    Sydney’s Marriage Equality Rally

    It was a beautiful spring day in Sydney: perfect weather for the first Marriage Equality rally since the plebiscite was confirmed. Current estimates: 30,000 people. Here are some photographs.… Read the rest

  • Eskilstuna Pride

    Eskilstuna Pride

    “What’s your name? Are you German or something?”, I was asked by the bloke who sat down beside me offering me a beer. He was part of a larger group of men and women sitting at the adjoining table at Eskilstuna Pride.… Read the rest

  • Tropical Fruits Parade and Launch

    Tropical Fruits Parade and Launch

    If I think about all of the things which have happened in terms of gay life in Lismore during my lifetime, there’s a lot to reflect upon.

    Jim Brigginshaw (Northern Star Editor), Sue Bazzana, Anthony Baker
    As a teenager, I remember the homophobic editorials of Jim Brigginshaw, Editor of “The Northern Star”.
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