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Travel is one of my all-time favourite things. From my days as a child, I loved going to visit family in Brisbane. I did my first overseas trip at 17. I love nothing more than catching a plane/train somewhere, and discovering what else the world has to offer.

Susannah Place

Susannah Place is a series of four terraces located at The Rocks in Sydney which were built in 1844 by an Irish family. The houses were kept in the family… Read more »

Bocce in Kakadu

It’s Tuesday night and “summer” has returned to Darwin. After last week’s “cooler” weather, the warmer temperatures are back with us. I spent the weekend in Kakadu National Park and… Read more »


It’s Sunday night and, having just had a couple of hours asleep, I feel a little bit “wired”. I needed the sleep after the weekend in Katherine for the Country… Read more »