• Jag


    Taken at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. Getting a little chubby again, I see.

  • Jenny Kee and Me

    Jenny Kee and Me

    On the weekend I finally got around to watching the brilliant television program “Friends Of Dorothy” by William Yang. William is a really important Australian photographer whose work documents, in particular, Sydney’s gay and lesbian scene in the last forty years.

    I have met William on a few occasions and have concluded he’s a very lovely man.… Read the rest “Jenny Kee and Me”

  • The Transformation Of Crown Street

    The Transformation Of Crown Street

    For a moment this morning I reflected on how busy the traffic on Crown Street was when I first moved to Sydney in 1995. Before the Eastern Distributor was built, Crown and Bourke were extremely busy double-lane one-way streets. Although I don’t remember exactly how they went about it, they changed the traffic on both streets soon around the time the toll road was opened, sparking a large public outcry.… Read the rest “The Transformation Of Crown Street”

  • Easter Buns

    Easter Buns

    It’s that time of the year and I love it. When they appear at the local bakery or coffee shop I can’t resist Hot Cross Buns. I know they’re only supposed to be for Easter, but surely they could be available all year round? :)

  • Tofu at Blue Wok in Surry Hills

    Tofu at Blue Wok in Surry Hills

    Such beautifully presented tofu. Blue Wok is my local Thai where I’ll often pop in after work for take-away, or a for a brief meal of just a few entrees. Love it.

    Blue Wok Tofu
    Blue Wok Tofu

  • Yellow Pages

    Yellow Pages

    Looks like only one person in my apartment block has bothered to pick one of these up. Every year, they turn up, sit around looking messy for a few weeks, and then disappear. A waste of time, paper and resources IMHO.

  • Where Was I In 1988?

    Where Was I In 1988?

    I was on my way from unemployed life in Brisbane, and travelling via Sydney to take up a job at 2WEB in Bourke. I love this photograph shared by a friend on Twitter today of me and her son, taken in Sydney in 1988 (probably late January/early February). I scarcely remembered it until I saw the photograph ealier.… Read the rest “Where Was I In 1988?”

  • Chinatown Sydney

    Chinatown Sydney

    There’s an awful lot going on in this photograph.