My Handwriting

My “Hand”Although I once had very neat handwriting, with lovely margins and was always the recipient of Gold Stars, some of my handwriting these days, only done for purely practical purposes, is a little messy. Sometimes, on reading back my notes, I can’t even understand what I have written.

It’s probably because on an average working day I spend far more time talking – jabber, jabber, jabber – and typing than actual writing, and because I type much faster than I write. On weekends, I probably don’t use hand-writing at all.

Since childhood, my handwriting has also turned into a bizarre combination of uppercase, lowercase, printing and longhand.

As the only time I use hand-writing these days is to make brief notes during meetings, I thought it was worth recording for posterity somewhere my actual hand-writing.

Thus, this idea, copied from Tom seemed like a nice one.

Go ahead and get a piece of paper, then write the sentence “The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.” Sign it with your first name or your handle (not your signature) and take a picture. Then post this and your picture on your blog! It is that simple…”

Oh yeah, and I know I substituted jumped for jumps…


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