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Half way through the flight from Madrid to Delhi, I woke briefly. The cabin was in darkness, but still I could see the man in an adjoining seat was laying down flat on the cabin floor. “That’s a bit odd”, I thought to myself, but closed my eyes and attempted to go back to sleep. […]

Since I first began researching this trip, a visit to Toledo (about 50 minutes by bus south of Madrid) has been high on my list of priorities. I’d seen photographs online which indicated a town of great beauty. On top of that, there was the story of a town that was once the capital city […]

After a couple of days visiting San Sebastian and Bilbao, we’re on the train headed back to Madrid. In common with the trip from Barcelona to San Sebastian, the trip takes about five hours, and once again, we’re passing through the vast countryside of Spain. At first, the landscape from Barcelona to San Sebastian was […]

On arriving in Barcelona a couple of days ago, one of the first things we did was pay a visit to Park Guell, designed by the renowned architect, Antoni Gaudi. Even though I thought it was very good, it was a little disappointing, since some parts of the park were closed off for renovation. Since […]

With recent moves for Catalan political independence, it’s an interesting time to be in Barcelona. In common with our own “national day” there were lots of people walking around the city draped in the national flag. In stark contrast, the Catalan flag dominated the buildings, often accompanied by a sign with some kind of political […]

At about ten o’clock last night, I checked the time. “Happy Anniversary”, I said to Sue, congratulating her on twenty-four hours in Spain. “Cheers”, we all said, as we raised our glasses. And what a whirlwind twenty four hours it had been. After meeting Sue late last night at the airport, and checking in to […]