Surry Hills Pottery

Back Laneway

"Do you mind if I pop in and take a few photographs?", I asked the bloke with legs covered in clay, as I walked around the back laneway of the street where I live. "I have a couple of colleagues who are really into pottery, and I'd love to show them what you're doing", I … Continue reading Back Laneway

Crown Street, Surry Hills

Weekend Wins & Losses

Though I knew from the start his English wasn't that great, I also didn't think for a moment anything could go wrong. I've been getting the same #1 or #2 clipper cut haircut for the last twenty years. The only thing that's changed in the last few years is that I'll occasionally get a beard … Continue reading Weekend Wins & Losses

UNSW Art & Design 2016

Beer, Wine and Being 18+

"Are you having beer or wine?, the man supervising the bar queue for tonight's exihibition at UNSW Art & Design asked me. When I told him wine, he said, "come with me", escorting me to the front of the lengthy queue. Tonight, it seems almost everyone was drinking beer, and so if you wanted wine, … Continue reading Beer, Wine and Being 18+

Lucia celebration at Svenska kyrkan in Sydney

Lucia in Sydney

The young woman chosen to represent Lucia always seems to be a "typical" blonde Swede, and so that's why I really loved that today's Lucia broke the tradition, with dark hair and a nose ring. Though the actual Saint Lucy's Day is December 13, every year the Swedish Church in Sydney presents the celebration a … Continue reading Lucia in Sydney

Bei Jing Dumpling Surry Hills, Sydney

Bei Jing Dumpling

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting at the bus-stop near the corner of Cleveland and Crown Streets (Surry Hills) and a Chinese guy came up to me, asking for directions. He showed me a piece of paper with the address "432 Cleveland Street" written on it. As I don't speak Chinese and his … Continue reading Bei Jing Dumpling

This is "Biscuit", our apartment block's "collective cat". Orange is the new cat. 

Random Photos

Today was the first time in about a month when I had time at work to "breathe". For many industries, October/November is a time when people start to wind down. But in the industry in which I work, it's quite a busy time, with planning and negotiation around summer leave (24x7 requirements), and as contract … Continue reading Random Photos