Let’s Get Physical

Experiencing fatigue after my amputation was something I anticipated but hadn’t given much thought to until recently. Just as my mind is eager to be more active and independent, my body continues to feel weak. I find myself needing to rest or even take a nap daily.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a hell of a lot stronger now than I was a few months ago. In the initial days post-amputation, I had little energy for anything, a combination of surgical recovery and the toll of weeks in the hospital.… Read the rest “Let’s Get Physical”

Radio Anniversaries

This week has been dedicated to reflecting on the rich history of radio in Australia, particularly my own connection and career within the radio industry.

My earliest recollections transport me back to my childhood, sharing a room with my mother and grandmother, waking up to the tunes of 2LM, our local commercial radio station. The “Country Hillbillies” program, with its timeless country music, became a morning ritual. The simplicity of the melodies and the compelling storytelling within the music captured my young heart, a sentiment that has endured through the years.… Read the rest “Radio Anniversaries”

Hospital Food

I didn’t expect to be eating hospital food today. I didn’t expect to be eating anything at all. From Monday’s breakfast until this morning, I haven’t been able to keep anything down, due to an extended bout of vomiting. I’ve thrown up at least half a dozen times.

It all started on Monday morning when the first thing I did was vomit. It was after waking, and a dizzy experience where “the room went spinning round”.… Read the rest “Hospital Food”

VIP Opening Night

“Are there drinks INSIDE the venue?”, I asked the person on the door at the Sydney Spiegeltent last night.

I was at the Entertainment Quarter for the “VIP Opening Night” of “Rouge”, described as “a non-stop celebration of the astonishing, surprising, provocative and supremely sexy: award-winning Australian circus”.

Having attended numerous VIP opening nights in the past, this one stood out immediately: the absence of any familiar celebrity faces. And the lack of free drinks and canapes.… Read the rest “VIP Opening Night”