Let’s Get Physical

Experiencing fatigue after my amputation was something I anticipated but hadn’t given much thought to until recently. Just as my mind is eager to be more active and independent, my body continues to feel weak. I find myself needing to rest or even take a nap daily.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a hell of a lot stronger now than I was a few months ago. In the initial days post-amputation, I had little energy for anything, a combination of surgical recovery and the toll of weeks in the hospital.… Read the rest “Let’s Get Physical”

Experimental Theatre

Last night, I embarked on a two-fold experiment, venturing to the Seymour Centre for a solo night at the theater. The primary goal was to determine whether I could navigate a nighttime theatrical outing independently and, secondly, to see if the latest installment of the long-standing “Wharf Revue” was any good.

Despite its shift from “The Wharf” to the Seymour Centre, the review has remained a stalwart presence in Sydney’s theater scene for over 30 years.… Read the rest “Experimental Theatre”

Pub crawl through Newtown

Despite the lack of initial planning, Saturday unfolded into an unexpected “pub crawl” adventure.

Originally, my agenda included a lunchtime workshop at Surry Hills Library, organised by friends, followed by an event hosted by the 4A Art Gallery. Still recuperating from my operation, I find daytime naps essential for my recovery, typically lasting five minutes. This time, though, my brief rest in bed stretched into a couple of hours. On waking, I messaged my friends to convey my apologies, and they later shared the success of the workshop, bringing some relief.… Read the rest “Pub crawl through Newtown”

Show Some Leg

Someone commented the other day, ‘You need to show some steel.’ They had noticed my sock almost completely covering the very visible steel part of my prosthetic leg. Even though my ‘leg’ is constructed from fiberglass, it could easily pass for a ‘real leg.’

I was sharing with them the significant change that has taken place in the last month regarding my public visibility as someone with a disability. When I used to get around in a wheelchair, with or without the prosthetic leg, it was immediately obvious to passersby that I had specific accessibility requirements.… Read the rest “Show Some Leg”