Yearly Review 2022

“Though it hasn’t been in the best of circumstances, at least it’s allowed you to spend time with your family”, my friend Sue’s mum commented over lunch yesterday. We were reflecting on the significant amount of time I’ve spent in Lismore over the last eighteen months.

In the middle of 2021, I returned home for my sister Nancy’s funeral. I had initially planned to stay for a couple of weeks, but COVID-19 lockdowns in Sydney prompted me to extend my stay in my hometown.… Read the rest “Yearly Review 2022”

Yearly Review 2021

It’s mid-afternoon and I’m sitting at the kitchen table at Pat and Jack’s place in Lismore. Pat is sitting on the back verandah making her way through one of those “word game” books, and Jack is having a mid-afternoon nap on the couch. Pretty soon, we’ll be watching “The Chase” on Prime 7. This is a familiar routine for 2021, as I spent a fair amount of the year based in Lismore.

Since about the age of 18/19, I’ve been living away from Lismore.… Read the rest “Yearly Review 2021”

Yearly Review – 2020

It’s all “party of five” here in Sydney for NYE tonight. That’s the maximum number of people allowed in homes tonight, though I’m sure tomorrow’s newspapers will tell of stories of people who’ve breached the rules.

The fireworks are still going ahead, without crowds around the foreshore. The cricket is going ahead next week at 50% capacity, though it wouldn’t surprise me if they revert to no crowds.

Sydney doesn’t get it. I caught a bus and walked around the city last night and hardly anyone was wearing a mask.… Read the rest “Yearly Review – 2020”

Yearly Review – 2019

It’s the morning of December 28th, and I’m sitting at the kitchen table at Pat’s place in Lismore. Pat is wandering around the house doing bits and pieces. Jack and John are sitting on the verandah discussing the state of the world (from fishing licences to global warming).

Over the last few years, things have been a little troubled, due to the disruptive behaviour of one family member, but things seem to have settled down this year, since he’s received some help.… Read the rest “Yearly Review – 2019”