• Ski club views
    Ski club views

    “I’m sorry, I’m going to have to leave and go back to my room for a brief nap”, I said to a colleague at about 3 o’clock on Monday afternoon.

    I’d reached that point of tiredness when my head had started to nod uncontrollably.… Read the rest

  • The flight to Darwin
    The flight to Darwin

    “People share far too much information in public, these days”, I thought to myself tonight, as I sat and waited for the flight to Darwin.

    To my immediate right, there was a bloke having a deeply personal conversation.… Read the rest

  • Life is a cabaret
    Life is a cabaret

    I don’t remember exactly when I first saw the movie “Cabaret”, but it must have been when I was in my early teens (late 1970s). As a young “soon-to-be” gay boy living in a country town, it was life-changing.… Read the rest

  • Thoughts over coffee
    Thoughts over coffee

    “When was the last time you had a blood-pressure check?”, the optometrist asked me after he looked into my eyes with the torch.

    “Why, is there something to worry about?”, I asked him.… Read the rest

  • Simpler Times
    Simpler Times

    “I don’t remember us wearing our pants THAT high in the 80s”, I said to my friends as the “glass boy” walked past us at the Bob Hawke Beer & Leisure Centre (aka the Bob Hawke Brewery at Marrickville). … Read the rest

  • Capsis at The Wharf
    Capsis at The Wharf

    “I’m not sure I’d like to spend an evening over a few bottles of wine with him”, I joked to my friend, as we chatted over dinner, having seen Paul Capsis perform earlier in the night..… Read the rest