Take The Other Turn

I was on my way to see a new exhibition at the ABBA Museum, highlighting the artists who have appeared over the years at Stockholm's amusement park, Grona Lund. However, as I got off the ferry, I took a right turn instead of a left. I've long been on the view that it's often a [...]

Closed on Monday

If you're planning a visit to Uppsala and you like things to be open, Monday probably isn't the day you should visit. In the back of my mind, I knew most museums and galleries were probably going to be closed, but I headed off anyway. The train from Stockholm takes about an hour, and costs [...]

Early Riser

Even though I have been told on a few occasions, I should keep the blind closed at night, due to the early morning sunrise, I have not bothered much with the advice. I quite like waking up early, and I quite like waking up naturally, you might say, with the sunshine. Besides, when you wake [...]

Settling in to Stockholm

One of the things I really love about the public transport system (in the centre of town at least) is, for the most part you never have to run to catch the subway (Tunnelbana). Of course there are times when you'll need to run, for the most part if you miss one, another one will [...]

Summer in Stockholm

"You really must come back to Sweden in the spring or summer", I wrote to my friend Sue yesterday, attaching a bunch of photographs from my morning walk around Djurgården. Sue came with me to Sweden four years ago, in March, when there was still a lot of snow and ice around. In contrast, the [...]

Stockholm Under Construction

The last time I was in Stockholm (July 2015), debate about the deconstruction and reconstruction of Slussen (the main transport interchange in the middle of the city) was in full-flight. Although the plans were well-known by then, there was still a strong voice of resistance to the planned changes. Almost two years later, I'm not [...]

Time For A Break

Kanelbullar at Koket Cafe in Paddington, Sydney

It's such a beautiful sunny day in Sydney, which is terrific, because it's the first day of my three week holiday. Admittedly, I have to go in to work for a 1-hour meeting this afternoon, but it was terrific to go to bed last night not really worrying about setting an alarm or anything. I [...]

Hawkesbury One

Hawkesbury One exhibition opening in Newcastle

As I'm in the midst of helping a family member move their website from something created in the 1990s using a form of software no longer supported to WordPress, I've reflected on some of my own previous website incarnations. I've decided it was time to backup/move over the website for Hawkesbury One, an art collective [...]

Circular Quay, Sydney, views at dawn

Having woken early, and knowing the weather would be fine this weekend, I caught a train to Circular Quay ahead of sunrise. There weren't too many people around. Just a handful of early morning walkers, and a couple of other people with an interest in photography. When I arrived, one photographer (with a tripod) had [...]

Fifteen Years Blogging

Typing away in the Hawkesbury Video

I can scarcely believe it's fifteen years TODAY, since I started this blog. When I began writing this online journal, I'd recently gone through a relationship breakup, and was on the verge of a short-term secondment, working at Darwin in the Northern Territory. My first post was brief: It’s late Saturday night. I still haven’t [...]

Recent Dining

"Have you ever been to Nomad?", a colleague asked me the other day. What followed was a passionate conversation, as we extolled the virtues of the restaurant in Surry Hills, which I've been to a few times, though not recently. This review, takes you back to when my friends Sandra and Robert were visiting, and [...]

Sydney Photowalk

You remember how "in the olden days" you were limited by the number of photographs you could take on a roll of film? It was generally 12, 24 or 36. I remember when a roll of 36 film was expensive to buy, and even more expensive to process. As a child, I would generally only [...]