Blanca Bar & Dining

“I’ve heard mixed reports”, the barman at a nearby venue told me when I mentioned I was meeting a friend for dinner at Bondi’s “Blanca Bar & Dining”. “It’s Mediterranean food, with “Japanese flavours”, the waitress told us. And with a Finnish chef! What an odd combination, we thought. As you’ll see from the photographs, […]

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Hell’s Kitchen

“They’re all very well dressed”, Debra Lawrence said to the overlay, as we walked on to the set of “Hell’s Kitchen”, the celebrity cooking program that’s screened on Australian television over the last few months. Even before the comment, she was our favourite, as we got down to the final four, ahead of the program’s […]

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Swedish Pop

The only sad moment of my trip to Stockholm earlier this year was the discovery Victorias Bar had closed down. I had been there on many occasions, with many fond memories of their schlager nights. It was there, I discovered the band, “HallĂ„ hela pressen”, seen here performing with one of the members of legendary […]

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Random Canberra

This was my third week of travelling to Canberra for work, with only another week left. To be honest, I’m starting to feel a little fatigued with all of the hotel living and bus commuting. And so today, I spent the day largely doing nothing at all. Tomorrow will be busier, meeting a friend for […]

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Commuter Life

As I sipped on my glass of red wine, I looked around last night at the people in Canberra’s Bar Rochford. They were all well dressed, and aged late 20s to late 30s, and they were probably working in the public service, or in politics, I concluded, without any real basis for making such a […]

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Surry Hills and Valleys

A few months ago a friend and I got together over dinner at a restaurant in Surry Hills. Compared with many, I’m a long-term local, whereas she is a reasonably new arrival, but with a passion for the suburb in which we live. And a common concern, that as Surry Hills goes through the latest […]

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Sunday Morning Coming Down

As I ate my breakfast this morning, I reflected on two things. First, the Sunday papers are terrible. Second, there was a time when I’d be barely awake on weekends before lunch-time. On Friday and Saturday nights, I’d go out drinking and dancing with friends, often until 3 or 4 in the morning. Then, I’d […]

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