James Rixon and Amelia Goodwin

For over 200 years, James Rixon has been buried in an unmarked grave at Windsor Cemetery in Western Sydney. Thanks to the efforts of some keen historians and descendants, a plaque commemorating their lives was unveiled on April 10, 2016. The people doing the unveiling are descendants of the five surviving sons of James Rixon and Amelia Goodwin.

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James Hickson / Rixon

James Rixon’s exact birth details are uncertain, but it is believed he was born in Derbyshire, England during the 1770s. When he was convicted and sentenced, he was residing in Ilkeston, a small market town in the Erewash Valley in Derbyshire, which is situated near Nottinghamshire.

At the Lent Assizes 19 Mar 1792, the Derby Mercury reported the arrival of Sir Alexander Thomson, Kt., one of the Barons of his Majesty’s court of Exchequer, to hold the county assizes. There were only four prisoners, including James Hickson aged 22 who was “Charged on the oath of William Reed on Suspicion of privately stealing out of his Box in the House of William Webster, of Ilkeston, on Monday the 24th of October last, the Sum of Nine Guineas”. The sentence “To be hang’d” was commuted to Life imprisonment.

James Rixon was held in prison before being transported to Australia. Prior to his transportation, he was transferred from prison to the “Prudentia,” a prison hulk located in Woolwich, Kent. There, he was made to wear leg irons and worked at His Majesty’s Dockyard for several years. In November 1797, James Rixon departed from Portsmouth, England on “The Barwell,” an East India ship known for being a fast sailor that was built in 1782. It is worth noting that an “incident” reportedly took place on board “The Barwell” during its journey to Australia, as reported in Joye Walsh’s book.

Although the ships log is silent on the matter, a private letter states that on the passage to the Cape 25 prisoners had planned to seize control of the vessel while the sailors were aloft and murder the officers. The plot was disclosed by an informer the night before the attempt was to be made. The next morning, as the convict reached the deck, the conspirators were seized, double-ironed and chained together. Although detained for a fortnight by calms and adverse winds, ran out to the Cape in 74 days. She was detained there until March 19, because her officers, fearing they would not find a profitable market at Port Jackson, desired to dispose of their European trade goods. Soon after leaving the cape another plot was allegedly hatched between the convicts and the soldiers to combine to seize the ship.

When “The Barwell” arrived in Sydney on May 17 or May 18, 1798, only 287 out of the 296 prisoners who were on board the ship at departure had survived the journey. Sadly, nine prisoners had died during the voyage.

After working as a convict for three years, James Rixon was granted a Conditional Pardon and joined the NSW Corps on March 25, 1801. According to Pamela Statham, he took the place of Charles Bennett as a substitute.

At some point between 1798 and 1801, James Rixon met Amelia Goodwin, who was also a convict.

Amelia Goodwin

Amelia Goodwin was born in 1770 and her first marriage was to John Goodwin. At the time of her conviction, she was living in Greenwich, England and was 29 years old. She was charged with theft from her employer, which included a large number of clothing and household items. While the court records state that the value of the goods was 39 shillings, Joye Walsh suggests that the stolen goods far exceeded that amount. On July 15, 1799, Amelia Goodwin, referred to as “Amy” in the court documents, was tried at Maidstone, Kent and found guilty of the offence. She was subsequently sentenced to 7 years of transportation to Australia.

According to Portia Robinson’s book “The Women of Botany Bay,” the most common offences for which women were transported from London were stealing from employers and stealing from dwelling houses.

Amelia Goodwin traveled to Australia on board the “Speedy,” the same vessel that transported the new Governor, Phillip Gidley-King. The Speedy was a whaling ship belonging to the fleet of Samuel Endersby and Co, and was built on the Thames in 1779. It departed England in November 1799 and arrived in Port Jackson on April 16, 1800. Three of the 53 female convicts on board the ship had died by the time it arrived.

Amelia was likely sent to gaol at Parramatta or may have been assigned to a settler or member of the NSW Corps. Although she already had a husband in England, which may explain why James Rixon and Amelia Goodwin never married, it is also possible that this simply reflected the norms and values of the time.

Their Life Together

On Sunday, January 12, 1806, James Rixon and Amelia Goodwin made history by becoming the parents of triplets. This event was so significant that it made the front page of the Sydney Gazette on Sunday, January 19, 1806. It is believed to be the first recorded birth of triplets by a European woman in Australia. The news of the birth was reported widely.

“On the night of last Sunday se’nnight Amelia Rixon, the wife of a private in the New South Wales Corps, was safely delivered of three infants, two of whom are living and have a very promising appearance”

In the years following the birth of their triplets, James Rixon and Amelia Goodwin had four other children and moved around quite a bit. During this time, James worked in the NSW Corps and also made farm implements. However, in 1807, James was drummed out of the NSW Corps, although the specific reasons for his dismissal are unknown.

Death of James, Amelia re-marries

James Rixon died at the age of 36 on April 5, 1811, and was buried in an unmarked grave at St. Matthew’s Church of England in Windsor. Although the cause of his death was not listed on the certificate, Amelia Goodwin, with whom he had five sons, was recognized as his wife and received his land grant after his death.

On December 23, 1816, using the name Emma Goodwin, Amelia married another former convict, Robert Burrows, who had arrived in Australia on June 12, 1801. However, the marriage was short-lived, as Robert accidentally drowned in the creek at Aspinall’s Farm near Windsor on January 25, 1820.

Fisher’s Ghost

In 1826, the sons, Thomas and Henry Rixon and their stepbrother, Robert Burrows made a gruesome discovery, which led to an arrest for the murder of Frederick Fisher who had disappeared on June 17, 1826. It is reported that…

In October 1826 two boys, Rixon and Burrows, were returning home across Fisher’s farm and noticed bloodstains on a fence. Closer investigation found a lock of hair the same colour as Fisher’s hair and a tooth. Constable Luland searched the wheat paddock, prodding the ground with an iron bar, but found nothing. Old John Warby suggested Aboriginal trackers be called in. The ground was marshy, and Namut (known by the English name, Gilbert) the tracker from Liverpool, tasted the water in the puddles and announced ‘white fellow’s fat there’! They followed the puddles, prodding the ground, and found Fisher’s remains in a shallow grave on (George) Worrall’s land.

Death of Amelia

Headstone of Amelia Burrows (formerly Rixon) in St. Peter’s Anglican cemetery, Campbelltown. Verlie Fowler Collection (Campbelltown City Library. Local Studies Collection)


James Rixon

* James Rixon was born January 5, 1806. He married his sister-in-law Elizabeth Hoare on August 27, 1833 at St Peter’s Church of England, Campbelltown, the daughter of John Hoare and Elizabeth Love. According to his obituary, James “was one of the pioneers of this large district being, we believe the first man who brought a bullock-dray down from Monaro to Eden. Prior to his settling at Bega he built and kept for many years the Crown and Anchor Hotel, Eden.” He died September 12, 1873 at Bega, NSW (3335/1873). Fellow researcher, Annette West writes his death was “after a long period of time from heart disease an not by a accidental fall in the Commercial Hotel as is believed by some. Elizabeth ran the hotel for a year then went into hands of the Underhill’s. There is a news paper article about Elizabeth’s departure saying that she was going to take charge of a hotel near the wharf at Merimbula.”

James Rixon Jnr - son of James Rixon and Amelia Goodwin - thanks to the Joye Walsh book, More a forrest than a family tree.
James Rixon Jnr – son of James Rixon and Amelia Goodwin – thanks to the Joye Walsh book, More a forrest than a family tree.
James Rixon grave at Bega Cemetery
With thanks to Annette West, who took this photograph on October 8, 2010, this is a photograph of James Rixon’s grave. Annette notes – “It is not certain if his body is actually there as the original cemetery was where the present high school is. I’m not sure when they moved the cemetery but apparently some bodies were not removed but the head stones were.”

William Rixon

* William Rixon was born October 17, 1802 at Sydney Cove. When she was only fourteen, William married Ann Hoare on 23rd January 1826 in St Peter’s Campbelltown. Ann was the daughter of John Hoare and Elizabeth Love. In their first few years of marriage William and Ann lived at the Field of Mars before moving to the Campbelltown Districts of Airds and Appin where they began to farm with the assistance of convict labour. Around the time of the birth of their daughter Sarah in November 1839, William and Ann moved to Spring Creek where they managed “The Stringy Bark Inn” a property owned by William’s brother, Benjamin. William also had other hotel interests in the area. William Rixon died on May 28, 1847 (V1847827 32B/1847) at Campbelltown. After William’s death, Ann married twice more. Ann died at 9 Denison St Woollahra, Sydney on August 8, 1895 and is buried at the Roman Catholic Cemetery, Waverly. Please see the biography page of William and Ann for more information about their lives.

With thanks to Leanne Rae, here is a recent photograph (February 2008) of William’s headstone.

Benjamin Rixon

* Benjamin Rixon was born January 5, 1806. He married Margaret Finnamore on October 26, 1829 at St. Peter’s Church of England, Campbelltown. He died July 20, 1886 at Bulli, NSW.

In the collection of the Australian War Memorial, there is a tribute photograph to some of the descendants of Benjamin Rixon who were members of the Australian Defence Forces in 1918.
In the collection of the Australian War Memorial, there is a tribute photograph to some of the descendants of Benjamin Rixon who were members of the Australian Defence Forces in 1918.

Thomas Rixon

* Thomas Rixon was born August 8, 1808 at Windsor, NSW. He married Ann Smith (born September 11, 15 at Airds) on April 28, 1834 at St.Peter’s Church of England, Campbelltown (V1834 1330 18). He died August 15, 1883 at Campbelltown NSW (6323/1883) Although it has been repeated over several generations that Ann’s mother was the famous “Granny Smith”, information on the Ryde Council Website disputes this.

Henry John Rixon

* Henry John Rixon was born June 22, 1810 at Windsor, and was baptised on April 14, 1811 at St Matthew’s Windsor. He married Elizabeth Seekings on April 2, 1835 at St Peter’s Church of England at Campbelltown. He died June 13, 1884 at Nelligen, near Bega.

Henry Rixon – son of James Rixon and Amelia Goodwin – thanks to the Joye Walsh book, More a forrest than a family tree.


* “Australian Biographical and Genealogical Record – Series 1 1788-1841” Ed. John T Spurway Ass Ed. Allison Allen. (1992) Sydney: page 351 – 352

* Portia Robinson, “The Women Of Botany Bay” (published 1988) by the Macquarie Library.

* James Rixon is also briefly mentioned (page 271) in “The Hatch and Brood of Time: A Study of the First Generation of Native-born” by Portia Robinson (Published 1985 Oxford University Press) as “another private (who) had died when his son William was one year old”.

* The book about James, Amelia and their descendants by Joye Walsh, “More a Forest than a Family Tree” is absolutely tremendous. It was self-published by Joye in 1998, and is readily available at a number of public libraries. ISBN 0958555605, and has now been updated.

More A Forest Than A Family Tree

Sharing Around: Please feel free to copy any of the information on this page which may help you in your own research. My feeling is that family research is hard enough, without the need to constantly re-invent the wheel. It would be great, however, if you’d leave a comment below just to say “hi”.

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  1. I am a descendant and cannot find anything about James’s death. I noted the purchase of many goods in Joye’s book including axes, nails,, tin sheeting, tools, tobacco etc. indicating that James was in good health and I wonders if his death occurred as a result of the building items he bought as he died within weeks of his purchase on the 5th April 1811. Any views?

  2. Hi Judy, nice to meet you. So you mean an accidental work-related death? I haven’t seen anything about the cause of death, but this sounds like a pretty reasonable explanation. Anyone know?

    1. Good morning James. First, thanks for the effort in producing the site. I am fortunate that I am in contact with Joye Walsh who helped me in tracing my ancestors and cousins back to the Rixons and now in showing me how to access your site. My name is Ken Meredith and my great Grand father married Annie Amelia Rixon, daughter of Robert Rixon, I would be pleased to hear/read from any others connected with Meredith. My wishes to all for a happy Christmas.

      1. Hi Ken, I also have the research bug. Connected via Rixons.
        Merry Christmas, hope to hear from you in the New Year

      2. Hello Ken, I’m researching the Rixon line for a friend (Linda Tompkins). Her grandfather was Robert Rixon, her mother was Melinda Rixon, sister to your Amelia I believe. My e-mail is lizparker@socal.rr.com. Maybe we can trade info. Thank you. Liz Parker

  3. What a bonanza of info! 5 x g grand ago this was my family. Thank you so much for sharing. D.

  4. Thank you so much James for sharing. Great reading, great info. I too am descendant of James & Amelia. James(triplet), James, Vivian Augustus, Eunice Alma, (my grandmother.


  5. i am researching history about this case of james and was wondering if there is anything not been told about the couple and there actions before they died

  6. Hi Leanne and Nicci, great to hear from you. It’s a fascinating story and I wish we could find out some more about the death of James as it does sound a little mysterious… though it may not be so interesting after all. I feel so indebted to the Joye Walsh book, and I am always referring to it for various reasons. Cheers, James


  8. Hello James,
    my connection is through Mary A who married Joseph Love, whose daughter Minna Love married Robert Collins who was my maternal great grandfather. Quite a melting pot of personalities so I have heard from my Aunties, through little snippets of family lore. Wonderful.
    Best wishes,

  9. Hello, thanks for quite more information on the Rixon family than I got at the moment. I am not quite related to you at all, but one of my paternal’s grandmother’s gguncles, John Thomas Pallier married into your family twice by marrying Matilda Jane Rixon and her cousin Lucy A Hedd/Head. I found this family to be the most fascinating one I’ve come across. So once again, thanks. I grew up in Airds, and many of my family members lived around Illawarra, Goulburn, Windsor and Camden over the 2 centuries so I like to wonder if they all have known each other, not realising their descendants married into each other years later on, eh?

  10. Judy, Debbie, Darlene – lovely to hear from you all. Apologies for the delay in responding – life’s a bit hectic at the moment.

  11. Well done James, you have done a wonderful job on the website. James Rixon was my GGG grandfather. My grandfather James Denison Campbell married Emily Adelaide Rixon (daughter of William Benjamin Rixon and Louisa Vincent. I would like to buy the book on the family that you mentioned. Is it still available for sale, if so how can I purchase it? Regards Bruce Campbell

  12. I received this message from Joye Walsh who says she is happy to hear from people with more interest in their lines of descendancy. Her email address is joye_walsh (at) yahoo.com

    “Bruce Campbell has been in touch – his sister-in-law Eunice was a great contact many years ago but I have lost touch with her. She may not be still around. I try to include as many Rixon descendants as possible in my data base so people can find where they fit. Neither Debbie nor Leanne [2 of your respondants] are there but their previous links are. I am happy for you to encourage people to contact me at this address to find their lines. Cheers Joye”

  13. I would like to hear from people who are researching the Rixon line.
    I am from James Rixon/Amelia Goodwin,
    James (triplet) Rixon/Elizabeth Hoare, William Rixon/Agnes Findlay, Eva Stuart Rixon/Norman Benson to Raymond Benson my father.
    I know and have records from Eva down to the present.
    If anyone would like to make contact my email is stan@hwy.com.au

  14. Hi James, Thanks for the Info, James Rixon is my 4th GGF. I have been researching for few years on and off. James Rixon(Hicks)/Benjamin Rixon/John Henry Rixon/Mary Jane Rixon m. Charles Bailey/Lesley Bailey/Rita Bailey/ME! Fascinating Family to say the least! Great Work

  15. Hi Michelle, nice to hear from you. My descendancy is James Rixon/William Rixon/Thomas Rixon/William Rixon/Bertha Rixon/Bertha Dunn. Yes, the more I read about some of my ancestors the more I smile, and the more I understand about myself. :) James

  16. Hi, i am just starting to research my family tree and i know i have a GGFather called James Denison Campbell, the same as “Bruce Campbell” that has replied above.. How do i find out if it is the same person?

  17. Hi James,
    I am James Rixon and Amelia’s great x5 granddaughter through their son Thomas with Ann Smith. I just wanted to commend you on your efforts with this website – great job! Regards, Amanda

  18. Hi Amanda, nice to meet you. Credit where credit due, though it’s the likes of Joye Walsh who did so much to put the story of James and Amelia on the record. This page is based mostly on her work. It’s in the other of my ancestors that I’ve been able to make a contribution. Glad I can help though by reaching out to a wider audience. Cheers, James

  19. Hi James,
    Congratulations and many thanks for generously sharing your information; have accessed it today! James & Amelia are my great-great-great-great grandparents, through their son Henry John Rixon (whose daughter, Amelia Anne Rixon, married Henry John Jarred. In turn, their daughter, Louisa Jane Jarred was my great grandmother, “Granny Grogan”.) I’ve been seriously researching my family (families) this year and am amazed at what I’ve discovered so far. Interestingly, I lived in Campbelltown 30 years ago – without knowing the strong family connections, including “Fisher’s Ghost”!
    Best wishes,

    1. I am also connected to the Grogans & know of your Granny Grogan married to Jack.
      Happy to correspond.

      1. Hi John
        I am also descended from Henry John Rixon, John James, John George, Spencer Edwin; who is my Grandfather. If you are interested I would love to make a connection with someone else from our branch.
        My family still live in the Milton area where Henry John own a property called ‘Yadboro’ and his son, John James, owned a Dairy farm at Shallow Crossing and Brooman. Two generations were born on the Shallow Crossing farm, including my Grandfather, Spencer.
        Kind regards

        1. Hi Kathy, I’ve just stumbled across this website. Henry John Rixon was the brother of my GGGGgrandfather Benjamin Rixon. Down the generations my GGgrandmother Emelyn Rixon (born 1860) married John Holland (born 1858), whose daughter Mildred Louise Holland married Henry Graham who were parents to my grandmother Annie Emmelyn Graham. We live in Batemans Bay area.
          Kind regards

          1. Hi Kim, Welcome to the Rixon Forest. I am also a descendant of Benjamin & even have a nephew Benjamin Rixon! If you would like to email me I can possibly add more to your knowledge of the whole Rixon family. Your grandmother and her 2 children are included in the James & Amelia book as shown at the bottom of this thread. Cheers, Joye

            1. Hi Joye
              Thanks for reply.. I didn’t realise there are so many Rixon descendanta! I have emailed you at yahoo. Cheers, Kim

            2. Hello Joye I would dearly love to purchase your book as I am descendant through Louisa Amy Rixon And have just started to trace my family history lines – I’ve tried the AWM and ANL but they don’t have copies for sale – do you know of any sellers of your book? Thank you Debbie

              1. Hi Debbie
                Great to learn of your interest in your Rixon heritage. The book is only available from me. There are a few copies left from the reprint in early 2019.
                Cheers Joye

  20. Thanks james for putting together all this information. I am just starting out at Family History and it is just fascinating.
    My line is James Rixon/Amelia Goodwin>James Rixon Jr/Elizabeth Hoare>Martha Rixon/Adam Kirkaldy Page>Francis Page/Letitia Dwyer>Sylvia Page/Ralph Joseph Meakes>Ralph Francis Meakes/Moira Andrews to me Elizabeth Meakes (now Stevenson).
    I would love to hear from anyone connected in some way to share information..but I am sure you have it all here!!
    Best wishes

    1. Elizabeth – maybe we are related! My great-great grandfather, William Augustus Page was the younger brother of Adam Kirkaldy Page. He remained in the UK. If you’d like to know more about the Page family please contact me.

  21. Hi Nikki and Elizabeth, good to hear from you. I will happily pass on any email contacts to you. Thanks, James

  22. I would like to make contact with Elizabeth Stevenson as her Martha Rixon(1841) was a sister to my William Rixon(1844). Their parents were James Rixon Jnr and Elizabeth Hoare.
    I keep revisiting your site for updates as you are doing a great job keeping it current.

  23. Hello I am researching my family tree, My great grandfather was John Head, married to Lucy Rixon, Daughter of Benjamin Rixon. if any has any other info on these people could you please pass on my contact details.
    Thanks Jayson.

    1. Hi Jayson,
      scrawling through James O’Brien’s message board, I finally found someone descended from Lucy and John Head. They were my GGG grandparents.
      Amelia Agnes m Thomas Ryan (GG Grandparents)
      Edith Maude Ryan m Thomas Joseph O’Grady (G Grandparents)
      Margaret O’Grady m John Edward Brennan (Grandparents)
      Kay Therese Brennan m Kenneth Lorne Dargan(Parents)
      Tania Rachele Kelly (myself)

      Please let me know your line and maybe we could swap info.

      Tania kelly

      1. Hi Tania,
        I tried to contact you ages ago and since forced to change my email address. Would love to share info on Rixons

    2. Hi Jayson

      Would love to be able to place you in the overall Rixon family tree. Which of John and Lucy’s sons is your ancestor?
      I do have more info on John and Lucy, including a photo of Lucy.

        1. Hi Jayson

          Yes – there is a son. John Benjamin born 1867. He had 3 sons – which one is your ancestor?
          I would love to know more details of the line.

          Do you know of the Rixon Family Gathering to be held May 20, 2018 at Windsor where James is buried?


  24. James, Hi!
    I am the 4x G G daughter of James and Amelia, through Thomas,Joseph,Henry,Alice, and Barbara. I am very interested in the Granny Smith angle of this story, having heard the story from my Nanna (Alice Pendergast and her sisters) and from my mother talking to her grandfather Henry Rixon. Do you have any more info. on this?
    According to my research Anne Smith who m’d Thomas, was the daughter of Jeremiah Smith and Sophia Akers (daughter of first fleeter Thomas Akers). The Ryde council are claiming Maria Anne Smith is the “Granny Smith” of apple fame. I would appreciate any info. on the above. Thanks. Great page. Rebecca

  25. Dear James,
    I am trying to purchase Joye Walsh’s book “More a Forest than a Family Tree’–do you have an address where I can contact her.??

  26. Jayson – I will definitely pass on any details.

    Rebecca – Thanks for the info about Ryde Council. I’ve just checked their website. This is fascinating. I guess I’m guilty of just repeating something which I’ve been told and repeated. I’m gonna go back and revise what I say in the text to take into account these two differing accounts.

    Carolyn – I’ll email you the details.

  27. I am a direct descendant of James Rixon and Amelia Goodwin. Thank you to everyone concerned in the wonderful research. My line is James- Benjamin Rixon- Emma Rixon Murray- Lucy Murray Salisbury- Annie Salisbury Barlogio- Mary Elizabeth Barlogio Elliott- Ian Elliott – Jennifer Elliott Walton- Olivia Kate Walton and Max Elliott Walton my grandchildren. It is quite something to be able to claim eighth generation Australian for my grandchildren. We would love to know where to buy the Joye Walsh book. Annie Barlogio always claimed that James was an officer in the army. Her grandchildren would torment her and say he was probably a convict. He turned out to be both. She didn’t know of the Fisher’s ghost connection. Ian

    1. hi Elliott my name is phillipa Salisbury im related to the rixons on my dads side through Margaret Lucinda jemina murray born to william murray an emma rixon im not sure if where related in anyway feel free to catch up with me at phillipa.salisbury@ yahoo.com.au

  28. Hello Ian, great to hear from you. Yes, it’s odd claiming eighth or ninth generation European descendancy. I sometimes find myself jealous of friends who can whip up a European passport at the drop of a hat! And the family history research for me has also revealed lots of interesting and amazin stories. You can contact Joye via her email address which is joye_walsh (at) yahoo.com Cheers, James

  29. Hi!

    I am searching for my husband’s birth-mother. He was born in Sept. of 1966 in California.

    We were given a couple of names by an adoption search angel and when I searched the internet for one, this site came up.

    Can anyone help?

  30. Hi Lisa, what names are you looking for? Almost everyone listed here was born in Australia. Does that help? James

  31. Hi James,

    One of the possible names they came up with was Leanne Amelia Goodwin. It is so hard to search by name as so many sites come up but I figured it was worth a try….

    Thank you for responding!

  32. maria anne smith as far as i can see is in no way related to jeremiah smith. u have a different family, whats more is the akers/smith family is from campbelltown, not ryde.

  33. both her and her husband were born in england and considering all the people you are talking about were born in aus, its not her.
    wishful thinking people.
    no connection.

  34. Hi Corinne, thanks for your comments which I guess are disputing the Granny Smith theory which has been “alive” in the family for several generations. Can you point us to definitive genealogical research on this? Or would you like to be put in the direction of Rebecca, as this thread of research is a bit off the tree for my own interests. Cheers, James

  35. Hi Jmes
    My husband William Henry John Rixon is a direct descendant of James & Amelia, it is certainly a fascinating family!

  36. Hi James,
    Happy New Year
    Re Amelia… you say married February 23, 1816,
    Found this stating married December …..
    In 1816 Rev.John Youll was appointed Acting Chaplain at Liverpool until his residence had been built at George Town, Tasmania. He conducted the first marriage in Liverpool between Robert Burrow and Emma Goodwin, 23rd December 1816.

  37. Hi Judy, I can’t remember the original source for the February 13 date. But thanks for picking this up. I’ll adjust accordingly. Cheers, James

  38. Hi James
    I was going through my old notes I had coppied from the Mutch Index at the Mitchell. Judy is correct, listed under Burrows it reads Burrows Robert x 45 Emma x 42 Goodwin 1816,Dec 23 by John Youl asit Chaplin witness James Nowlan x John Keeves St Lukes.
    Also have some other entries for Amelia & Robert.

    Burrows Robert
    1816 Oct 6 Robert Burrow + Emelia Goodwin birth date not given at Airds marie to be Burrows (The parties were married Dec 23 1816 St Lukes.

    The wife of Robert Burrows, settler at ? 1816 June 30 Airds male child. Moores Retu?, Liverpool

  39. Hi James, I am Helen Rixon, 6th generation descendant from James and Amelia, through the Thomas line. I organised the Family gathering held on 18 May 1998 at Campbelltown. I also worked closely with Joye in the compilation of information for the book and produced a newsletter between 1996 and 1998 about the family. I was surfing around and found this site. I haven’t done much in the past few years with the family history other matters and hobbies have taken precedent.

  40. Hi James,
    Just found Annette’s note – she says John Thomas Pallier married a Rixon twice??. I can’t fathom…. Tilley married Pallier and Tilley’s sister Lucy A married John Head. Their sister Emma took off with her brother-in-law Michael Head.
    Judy Richards

    To: James
    Hello, thanks for quite more information on the Rixon family than I got at the moment. I am not quite related to you at all, but one of my paternal’s grandmother’s gguncles, John Thomas Pallier married into your family twice by marrying Matilda Jane Rixon and her NIECE Lucy Ann Hedd/Head.
    From: Annette permalink

    1. Hi l am Lucy Ann Head and John Thomas Pallier’ s Great grand daughters as l was growing up told there were two families because Matilda died and John married Lucy . MY Uncle Nolan’s middle names are William Thomas my Grandfather James Ernest Pallier parents are Lucy and John my fathers name is James what a colourful tree have l Benjamin Rixons decentants in primary school walked down the escarpment ending up on Rixons Pass my mother always says lm a good tracker now l know where it comes from .Have lived most of my life in the Illawarra getting to know more regarding my family tree now lock down for covid is here
      Kind Regards Deborah ( Pallier ) Bermejo ps l had one son

      1. Hi Deborah
        Welcome to the Rixon Forest. You certainly do have a colourful tree. John Thomas Pallier married Matilda’s niece Lucy Ann Head. They had 8 children.
        Benjamin was a very interesting ancestor! Lots of stories about him & interest in the Illawarra region. Also lots of descendants still in that area. He is also my ancestor, through his eldest child Henry John b1830.
        I send out a newsletter occasionally – please email me joye_walsh at yahoo.com if you would like to be included in the mailout.
        Cheers Joye

  41. Hi James. I’ve been following your blog from time to time since last year when I found all your great info on the Goodwin/Rixon History. I’m a decendant as well through Benjamin Rixon/ Margaret Finamore which I only discovered a year or 2 ago when looking for ancectry information. I was amazed to discover the Campbelltown connection as I moved to this area from Canberra 9 years ago and had no idea my ancestors had been in this area. I’ve been to see Amelia Goodwin and Benjamin Rixon’s graves at St Peter’s. Anywat, I think your blog is really cool and I’m inspired to do one too. I’ll follow you on twitter as well.

    1. Hi Jill, I’m pleased to hear from. It’s amazing how those co-incidences in life occur re: you ending up at Campbelltown. I’ve never been to visit the Goodwin/Rixon graves, though I’ve spent an almost unhealthy amount of time at cemeteries elsewhere!!! Glad you like the blog also. James

  42. Hi James
    I have been researching my family history for the last 5 – 6 years.
    I found your site very interesting. Have been to Amelia’s grave at Campbelltown.
    I am a decendant of Emma Rixon / William Murray – Lucy Murray / John Salisbury, their son William Murray Sailsbury was my grandfather.
    I have a few blanks on the family tree I hope you may be able to fill in.
    * Do you know when William Murray arrived in Aus. and where and when he died?
    * Did Emma marry Michael Head or just say she did?

    1. Hi Lou, I apologise I haven’t responded earlier. Sometimes I go through periods of inactivity with my genealogy, depending on how much time work commitments take up. Anyway, good to hear from you. I’m sorry I can’t help you with that detail of information directly, however I’ll happily pass on any comments which come through from people who may be working on the same line. James

  43. Re: Lou’s message.
    Hi James,
    I have pages, ‘n pages on the Murray family. Maybe you wud like to put Lou in touch direct.

  44. Hi there,
    I am William Murry Salisbury’s great grandson. I have the info Lou Bonomi is after . i also have the original photo tribute of benjamin nixon s decendents that joined the army.

    1. Hi Michael

      Would love you to contact me – James has my email. The Book “More a Forest than a Family Tree” has lots of family connections – you may be able to add/correct your section. I’d be interested in the answers to Lou’s enquiries.

      Do you have the original photo montage compiled by Mrs Salisbury? Or a framed copy published in the Sydney Mail in 1918?


      1. Hello Joye

        I am Michael’s mother Heather Williams (nee Salisbury). The photo montage of the family is original but unfortuantely in very poor condition – bits missing and lots of it crumbling. I would love to get a copy of your book

        1. Hi Heather,
          Please contact me at joye_walsh[at]yahoo.com to organise delivery of a copy of the book.
          I am fascinated to know you have the original montage. My g’parents [as did many other people] had a framed copy of the page from the 1918 paper on the wall in their lounge room. As kids we often wondered about those names – that photo was one of the earliest inspirations for my interest in the Rixon family. My Dad’s brother, Bert Rixon died just after it was compiled.

          1. Hi Joyce,
            I am a feature writer for the Illawarra Mercury and we would like to use the memorial photograpah of Benjamine Rixon and his decendants in an Anzac Day story. Could you please contact me as I note in your post that you have done some research into the montage,
            Kind regards,
            Joide Duffy
            My work number is 42 212 216

          2. hi aunty heather so sorry it didn’t send this message sooner as i only got the message from my sister Lorraine yesterday. please accept my heart felt sympathies on the loss of Paul uncle Paul an to the kids at the loss of their dad.

            from Phillipa Salisbury

  45. Thank you James for enabling me to reply to all the wonderful research on this site. Have had Joye Walsh’s book, since it was first published, and it is full of a forest of Rixons not just a family tree. I am the granddaughter of Charles William Jarred, son of John Jarred and Amelia Ann Rixon, the granddaughter of the convicts James and Amelia. Have been collecting information for many years now and am at present following the family lines of the sisters of Charles William Jarred, Ann, Mary,Sarah Amelia, Louisa Jane, Beatrice and Alice Isabella. Would be grateful if you could put me in touch with Nikki from the Louisa Jane line. No 23.

  46. Hi James,
    A book of published genealogies in my local library lists James Rixon & Amelia Goodwin as ancestors of the Summers family, which married into the Delaney family in Oz. I can’t seem to find the book, or (more importantly) the connection. Could you help?????

    1. Hi Marci, I’m guessing it was the Joye Walsh book. She is contactable via joye_walsh (at) yahoo.com Cheers, James

  47. Thank you James for the contact with Niki. We have met and shared our research and hope to bring more of our John Jarred line into the fold.

    1. Hi James,
      Would you be able to pass my details on to Ellen?
      My great Grandmother on my fathers side was Mary Jarred. She married Edward John Rand in 1882. They had 3 kids – Stella, Ada & Dudley (my grandfather). Edward died when he was 40 (in 1896) and Mary remarried – a younger bloke, mind you – a Denis Roger Comans. Edward had just received a large inheritance from his uncle – Robert Rand, who died in 1894 – this would have passed to Mary.
      Mary Jarred was John Jarreds (husband of Amelia Ann Rixon) daughter.
      Anyway, I’m trying to track down info on the Jarred side. Looks like you have heaps of info on the Rixon side.

  48. Hi James
    Have tried to contact both Judy Richards and Michael Dowd without soccess, perhaps you can assist.



    1. Lou

      I was born Heather Salisbury so I suppose I sm
      you cousin.
      I have just found this site and note that you are looking for a Michael Dowd. Michael is my son.
      Hope to hear back from you.

      1. Hi Heather

        I’m back on the geneagology merry-go-round once more.
        Have just seen your note.
        If your dad was Jack (John Edward Salisbury) and your mum Lila’ you are most certanly my cousin.
        Please make contact


        1. Hello Lou, yes, all thats correct and we are cousins.
          Its a bit hard to communicate through this website at the moment as we are travelling in QLD but will be back home in mid September and would love to make contact.
          However you could contact us direct on heatherandpeterw@bigpond.com as it is easier to connect to on our travels.
          Regard Heather

        2. Hello Lou, we have now finished our travels and are currently in Sydney before returning to our home in Port Macquarie.
          Could we meet up, are you in Sydney or where.

  49. Hi James
    Feel free to pass on my address… leneva@westnet.co.au
    Have tried to contact both Judy Richards and Michael Dowd without soccess, perhaps you can assist.



  50. Hi James
    Thanks for the great communication here. Still continuing to expand my knowledge of the James and Amelia story [now over 11500 descendants and counting!]. A couple of your younger contacts here are not yet included so if they like to contact me I am always happy to help people find their larger family.
    Marci contacted me – sorry couldn’t help with the Summers connection. Only ones in our tree married into the family.
    Re the Benjamin Rixon soldier descendants photo: It was first published in the Sydney Mail, July 24, 1918. It is included in the collections section of the Australian War Memorial website. I have now identified where every soldier fits into the Benajmin line. Whoever compiled the original photo must have had a good knowledge of the family. Some of those pictures are grand sons-in-law and one soldier is shown twice. I can supply the detail to anyone interested.

    Also sending a couple of extra photos from the 1998 Ambervale reunion.


    1. Sorry – I have obviously typed the letters of his name in the wrong order – correct spelling should be Benjamin!! Should know how to spell it – there are so many in our family!

  51. For a christmas present ,because of my interest in World War 2, I have been given a POWs dog tag from a German POW camp. The number on it appears to identify James Rixon POW June1941-April 1945 Is this any relation or can you provide any informatio on this man. Sincerely Bill Kellett ( England )

  52. Hi,

    You are doing a fabulous job with your story on the Rixon familyI am researching my wife’s family tree but at the same time trying to find out about the people in the tree so that I can produce a document rather like yours rather than just the family tree.. The detail you provide certainly helps me with my research.

    Do you have any more details on Matilda Rixon born 4 November 1842 who married James Richard Edwards? Said James Richard Edwards is my wife’s great grandfather . We have his birth certificate, born in Sydney in 1835.

    We are led to believe that his father was a man of means, an architect who arrived from Swansea in Wales about 1830-1834. we understand that his partner was one Ellen Cosgrove.

    There are no parents names on James Richard’s birth certificate, but they are listed on his wedding certificate as James Edwards Architect and Ellen Cosgrove. James Rixon and Elizabeth Hoare are also listed, his occupation being given a “Timekeeper”.

    I have hit a brick wall in finding the arrival of James Edwards and Ellen Cosgrove in Sydney. I also wonder why she used her maiden name. Can anyone help?

    1. Matilda Mirian Rixon (James2, James1) born 4th November 1842 at Taylor’s Flat [NSW V18431495 27A/1843] died in 1911 at Sydney [NSW 12998/1911] aged 69 years.
      She married 7th January 1862 at her family residence in Eden [NSW 1884/1862] to James Richard Edwards, born in 1835 at Sydney NSW, died in 1900 at Moss Vale [NSW 2425/1900] aged 65 years, son of James Edwards and Ellen Cosgrove.
      Greville 1872 states…..
      Occupation: Edwards James Richard,
      Land Agent – Young
      Matilda and James Edwards had four children (3 born at Lambing Flat, 1 at Young)
      Have details of these children and families if wanted

      1. Judy,

        I would love some information on the children. of James Richard Edwards.We have infrmation about George Rixon Edwards and that he had siblings Florence, Emmaline and James.
        should this help you.

        My wife’s father was George Rixon Rdward’s son.
        I have quite a bit of information on George Rixon and his life as told by my wife’s father which incudes his achievments during hids lifetime.

        I am still unable to find anything about the arrival in Australia of James Edwards and Ellen Cosgrove. James is reputed to have been an architect fom Anglesea in Wales arriving

        between 1830 and 1834. Can anyone help?

    2. Hi Peter
      If you would like to contact me [James has given my address in a response above] I can fill you in on a little more info about the family.
      Also, I have a couple of contacts you may or may not already have.
      It certainly brings the past to life when you can discover more about the people.
      Your wife’s name & yours are included in my book so I am pleased to know you are interested in the family.


  53. Thanks for the great site and useful info.
    I am also related to James and Amelia as follows
    James & Amelia – Benjamin Rixon – Lucy Rixon (m John Head) – Bridget Head (m John Larkin) – John Larkin (son – m Ada Sherman) – Rita Larkin (m James McCloskey) – Lorna McCloskey (m John Russell) – Me Michael Russell.
    I believe that the Larkin and McCloskey families are also well known in the Wollongong/Port Kembla districts.

  54. I am also a decendant of James Hickson/Rixon & Amey/Amelia Goodwin.
    I thought some of you may be interested in the following information found in:

    London, England Marriages and Banns 1751-1921:
    Name: Amey Granger – Spinster
    Spouse Name: John Goodwin – Batchelor
    Record Type: Marriage
    Event Date: 27 May 1792 – By Banns
    Parish: St Mary, Newington
    County: Middlesex
    Borough: Southwark

    I don’t think this information is on your site. If it is and I’ve overlooked it my apologies.
    Kerry Watson

    1. Hi Kerry

      Can we be sure that this marriage relates to “Our” Amelia Goodwin?

      She was tried in Maidstone, Kent on 15th July 1799 as being “Amy, the wife of John Goodwin late of the Parish of Greenwich, County of Kent, labourer”.

      Maidstone is some distance SE from Greenwich so they must have moved there from Greenwich. Maybe John as a labourer had trouble finding work elsewhere. [Or possibly Maidstone was where they met and married.]

      The Borough of Southwark is again several miles NW from Greenwich. My limited understanding of the Marriage Laws in that era in UK, was that people had to be married in their home Parish. I am assuming here that Greenwich was their home parish – otherwise why would it have been mentioned?

      The date of 1792 also puts Amelia at approx 22 years old which could be a bit older than average female marriage age for the era.

      I looked back through my Greenwich records collected on a visit to Greenwich some years back and cannot find a good fit with any of the John Goodwins I found.

      It would be great to prove this was the corrrect couple but I would like more evidence before claiming it as correct.
      Can anyone prove this is “our” Amelia?

      Until then I believe we should continue to give her the name “Amelia Goodwin” as that is what she was known as when we can prove the relationship with James Rixon and the beginning of this line in Australia.

  55. Hi all … My name is Suanne Watts (nee. Batty). Daughter of Ronald Neil Batty…
    my G.mother: Mildred Rozvaczy (nee. Rixon)
    my GG. Father: Morgan Rixon (Ellen Holmes)
    my GGG. Father: William Rixon (Mary Lucy)
    my GGGG. Father: James Rixon (Emily Organ)
    my GGGGG. Father: Benjamin Rixon (Margaret Finnamore) **first born Triplet

    How exciting to read this information – and timely! My dad and I are enjoying researching our family history (including my mothers side and my husbands family!!) and Scanning a billion photos !! xo We also have the referenced book (my late Uncle Kenneth) passed on this information to us together with photos etc.

    Lovely also to read these comments – ?? any other reunions coming up – keep us in the loop (suannejames@yahoo.com.au)

    My love to all

    1. Hi James,
      Your contact from Suannne Watts searching her family, I have details she may be interested in back to the triplets. Could you pass my address on please.

  56. Hi I am looking for Martha Rixon born 1878 – Albury who married Thomas Osbourne born 1889 – Albury. Is this family related. (I am reseaching on behalf of a friend) Thanks Lill

    1. Hi Lillian
      Yes, Martha is a member of this family. According to my records [and that of Monaro Pioneers web site], in 1906 she married Herbert Thomas Osborne born in Albury in 1878. They had at least 3 children, Harold Elizabeth & Thomas.
      Martha is descended from William b1802 and is the 11th child of John William b 1835 and his wife Elizabeth Wyse Smith.
      Welcome to another family member!

      1. Joye
        My name is Heather Williams (nee Salisbury)
        I have recently become interested in my family tree and see that you have published a book on Benjamin Rixon. Can I still get a cope of this

        1. Hi Heather

          The book is actually the line from Benjamin’s parents – James Rixon & Amelia Goodwin, so Benjamin and his line are included. [That is also my line – Benjamin was my g’g’g’father]

          Please contact me to organise getting a copy. James has my email address and it is listed in one of the replies above.

          Great to find another “twig’ in this giant Forest!

  57. G’Day,

    I am a direct descendant of James Rixon & Amelia Goodwin through my mother,Ivy Sarah Rixon, b 1897 Tintaldra Vic d 1991 Tumbarumba NSW.

    Ivy Rixon was the gg granddaughter of James & Amelia; her great-grandparents were William Rixon (eldest son of James & Amelia) and Anne Hoare; her grandparents were John Rixon,son of William Rixon & Anne Hoare; and her parents were William Rixon (son of John & Anne) and Sophia McPherson.

    Ivy Rixon married George William Hammond (1897-1975)in Albury NSW in 1924 and had five children; Margaret, William George, Elizabeth, John Keith and Judith all of whom married and have grandchildren and in Margaret’s case, great-grandchildren.

    My wife and I have enjoyed reading the results of your research and are appreciative of the information and detail provided.


    John Hammond

    1. Hi John,
      I have a photo of your mother in fancy dress if you are interested. James has my email.

  58. I’m currently working on a family tree for my son-in-law which took me to James Rixon. Seeing that we can use the material you published I would like to thank you folr your generosity.
    Hans Sander, Gold Coast

    1. Hi Hans

      I would love to be able to include your son-in-law in the whole Rixon family line. There are currently over 14000 names in my file – and lots more photos than in my book. Maybe you could get in touch via email joye_walsh at yahoo.com for more detail for your research also. I grew up near your part of the world – lovely place to live.

  59. Hi Michael
    It’s been a family story repeated in a number of different locations, including a number of publications. As the site notes ” Although it has been repeated over several generations that Ann’s mother was the famous “Granny Smith”, information on the Ryde Council Website disputes this.” One should never underestimate the power of myth in family stories. As you’ll note, the story has been dismissed previously.

  60. Well hello all. I’m the (illegitimate) son of Ivy Augustine HEAD and therefore yet another of the many Rixon descendents!! I have two sons and four grandchildren, two of whom are also on the direct line of descent. I know something of Ivy’s history and believe I have many relatives still living in the Port Kembla area. If any wish to get in touch, my email address is: keith.w.lamb@iinet.net.au

  61. More of a forrest indeed! I am 6th generation James/Thomas/Joseph/Obadiah/Thomas. I would like to hear from anyone who may have photos of Obadiah and Joseph in particular, along with any life history info. Great to see so many interested in the family history.

  62. Hi Michael
    Welcome to this ever increasing Forest. Two “new” people in 2 days! [Keith above and you] Please contact me and I can give you lots of info, including some photos of interest. Joye Rixon Walsh

    1. What a co-incidence for all of these people to come out at once. I caught up with Margaret Rixon the other day and we had a lovely time chatting, and she was also able to pass on some documents she and Kevin had found. I do love the internet for bringing us all together.

  63. Hi,looking for info on my grandmother Violet Rixon born 1900 died 1969 married Ronald Lord.Her father was William Henry Rixon married to Sarah Meredith,Williams father was William married to Mary Brown Cooper,Williams father was Thomas married to Ann Smith,Thomas father was James( married) to Amelia Goodwin.Would like to know if Violet had brothers & sisters.Thanks

    1. Hi Maureen, We met at the Castle Hill Family History Day so long ago. You gave me some info about your family that day but then we lost touch. Lots more info is in my Rixon Forest book, and more info & photos collected since then. Please email me for details of Violet’s 5 siblings and other connections. My email address is in a message above. Cheers Joye

  64. I am proud to be a Rixon, but due to family circumstances I changed my surname to Hickson remembering the history of this name. I know any time I meet a Rixon I am some how related. I first learnt of this when I first heard of Amelia Rixon having the first triplets in Australia.

  65. Hi James, your website is wonderful!

    Like many that have commented on your site, I am also a Rixon descendent – Benjamin Rixon (one of the triplets) is my ggg grandfather. I have always liked family history, but the bug really bit me in high school, when like you, I had to do a “family history” project. Well over twenty years ago, gosh I feel old!!!!!!

    Keep up the good work……


  66. Hi Faye and Sandra
    Great to have more Rixon members adding their voices to this forum. I’d love to know just where both of you fit into the family – could you please email me? joye_walsh@yahoo.com
    Benjamin [triplet] is my g’g’g’father.
    There are some lines of Rixons in Australia not connected to James and Amelia – just to make our lives more interesting or confusing!

  67. hi my name is phillipa salisbury my grandads name is john edward salisbury an im also related to the rixon family. hi aunty heather how are you? a question to mr bonomi are you the relative of aunty isablle bonomi john salisbury sister? i also have 2 sisters one being a moore the other being a linde with 2 moore children an 3 linde children an my husbands an my little girl is a macdonald please send a email as i would love to hear from everyone on this page. phillipa

  68. Hi Phillipa
    I would love to hear from you also. My email address is joye_walsh@yahoo.com
    I love getting to know more “twigs” in this giant Forest of Rixons. Your Aunt Heather has been here at my place a couple of times and kindly showed me the remains of the original Rixon montage of soldiers [descendants of Benjamin Rixon] created by his g’daughter Margaret “Lucy” Murray. Like you, I am a descendant of the original Benjamin Rixon.
    Cheers, Joye

  69. hi mr bonomi my name is phillipa salisbury i think we might be related do you know of a lady named isabelle salisbury who has a grandson named john bredda an a grand daughter named louise my grand dad was john salisbury better know as jack salisbury

  70. to ian elliott
    hi ian my name is phillipa salisbury im related to mr rixon through my great grand father william murray salisbury who married martha bradley. his mothers name is margaret lucinda jemimma murray and his fathers name was john salisbury. johns fathers name was jeremiah salisbury and his mum was sarah pope.jeremiahs parents were thomas an ann valentine i hope this helps to fill in any gapes you have from phillipa salisbury

  71. judy richards
    hi judy my name is phillipa salisbury im related to the rixon family throuhg my great grand father william murray salisbury.im trying to fill in the blanks on the murray family is there any way you could help me if so i would greatly appreciate it my email is phillipa.salisbury@yahoo.com.au
    thank you phillipa

  72. james o brien
    hi james well done on the research on the rixon family history i knew it was a huge family made up of lots of relatives but i had know idea it was this big so once again well done on your efforts.my relation to the rixon family comes from john salisbury who married margaret lucinda jemima murray ( his parents were jeremiah salisbury an sarah pope) they had 8 children with william murray salisbury (3) child being my great grand father.

  73. lou bonomi
    hi my name is phillipa salisbury im related to auny isabelle she was my grand dads sister an john jr is my dad. in regards to your question on where an when william murray died. he died on the 27 jan 1954 at concord nsw

  74. Hi James, what a great website and a fantastic way for Rixon descendants to get in touch. I’m researching the Liddell family line which brought me to the Rixons through Henry John Rixon and Mary Elizabeth Seekings. I couldn’t see any comments relating to Henry John Rixon, so maybe we are yet to meet his many descendants. I’ve just today contacted Joye Walsh in the hopes of obtaining her informative book, and look forward to hearing from her. If there’s anyone out there who are part of the Liddell family, descended from Henry John Rixon through his grandaughter Mary Elizabeth Poile…please contact me on annalies.nutley@gmail.com

    Thanks again to you James and to all who have added their own stories, I love it!

    Annalies :)

    1. Lovely to hear from you Annalies. Great that you’ve been in contact with Joye. Her book is just amazing, and she’s a lovely person also. Hopefully you’ll hear from some other people. Good luck in your genealogical journey.

      1. Hi James, thanks for the great website I have just started researching the family tree. I am a descendant through William Rixon, John Rixon, Anna Rixon Francis Plunkett who is my grandfather. I would like to be kept in touch my email address is patricia2387@hotmail.com

        1. Hi Patricia, great to hear from you. I’m hoping there’s been some useful info here. If you have anything you’re happy to share with others also, please do so. We’re one big extended family, and I think it’s important we all work together and share whatever knowledge we gain. Cheers, James

  75. Greetings to ALL the Rixons. One branch of my family (The Hollands) has just begun to search their connections through Emmeline Margaret Rixon (daughter of William Benjamin Rixon and Louisa Vincent) AND…Margaret Winifred Richards (daughter of Caroline Vincent – Louisa’s sister – and James Richards). Emmeline married a John Holland, and one of their children Frederick James Holland is my Grandfather. Fred married Margaret Winifred Richards; their son, Richard Vincent Holland is my father.
    We have a photograph taken about 1918 with many family members -some of whom we can name definitely, others are “disputed” and others, not recognised. So far as I can work out, there is a Harris family connection. Hoping this discussion can lead to clarification, and as with all family history, more questions than answers.
    James, I encountered your blog through a quick search for “rixon” and have enjoyed your many postings. Thank you.
    Judith Falle

  76. Hi Judith
    Great to know of more connections in the Rixon “Forest”. Your William Benjamin’s father was Benjamin, my ancestor also.
    Maybe that 1918 photo is the one in my book about James Rixon & Amelia Goodwin & their descendants. Many of the people have been identified but not all.
    There is a Harris connection – through one of the granddaughters.
    I can put you in touch with more of WB’s descendants if you would like to contact me by email joye_walsh@yahoo.com.
    Joye Rixon Walsh

  77. Have you ever thought about starting a Facebook group? This way it will allow continual communication, or an open line of communication.

    I have loved my books Joye, they are a constant source of information, and I love reading bits and pieces to my children. They have recently completed a school topic on family history, how great it was for my son (9th generation) to proudly take along the book for others to ooh and arrh about. What bonds you have created for us all. His only beef is that his name personally doesn’t appear in the book! So I hand wrote it in my update copy. I remind him that the most important part of his name appears …. James.

    I would love to help with a Facebook page if needed. Xx

    My best wishes to all,

    Suanne Watts/Batty

    (Ronald Batty, Mildred Rozvaczy/Rixon, Morgan, William Benjamin, James, Benjamin, James)

    1. Hi Suanne
      Great suggestion. By way of background, I’ve been sharing my genealogical information on here since 2006, and at the time thought it was a good idea to share my information here in the days when everyone tended to be quite secretive about their research. Since the arrival of ancestry, Facebook and other sites to share information all has changed quite significantly.
      Personally, I’m not a user of Facebook, though I use lots of other social networks, especially Twitter and Google+. Nonetheless, I think a Facebook group would be a terrific idea, and if you set it up I’d certainly suggest people go there for further discussion. I’m not precious about this stuff. Share, share, share is my philosophy.

  78. Hi
    I agree with James re sharing – many wonderful people shared their family details with me so I could compile the Rixon Forest book.
    However, a Facebook site would have to operate under tight controls as to who could contribute [and what is included] – there are people who asked not to be included when I was collecting information. Privacy is a big consideration for them and for any living person. Their details are not shown on Monaro Pioneers or Ancestry sites – both very useful sources. MP is excellent & reliable [and very closely monitored], Ancestry does tend to include a few strange and unreliable entries.
    A forum like this one is a great way to initiate contacts – initially public and then privately if appropriate. Thank you James for providing this venue and sharing.

    You may gather I am not enthusiastic about Facebook!

    Please contact me any time – I have much more recent information I can share. Often there are younger generations who are keen to meet relatives.

    Suanne – it is lovely to hear of your son’s interest and to know there is yet another James in this Forest. I have a grandson Benjamin, also not included in the book! My nephews are now producing a new generation of Rixons, also not included!

    1. Hello Rixons! I am Emeline (Emmeline) Rixon’s great grand daughter. However, I also note a Judy Richards contributing, and I am also the grand daughter of a Margaret Winifred Richards, daughter of Caroline Vincent (sister of Louisa Vincent who married William Rixon and was Emeline’s mother) and James Richards, son of Thomas Richards and Eliza Cornwall. So… are Judy and I connected -twice?

  79. Hi to all,
    My dad has done some family tree work and we are descendants of Henry John Rixon, youngest son of James and Amelia,
    Its great to see some active interest in our collective lineage, feels good to belong to something.
    This good work is important for our descendants too.

    1. Hi Adam
      Interest in the whole Rixon family is very strong – glad you are happily part of it.
      If you would like more detail of your ancestry and lineage please contact me on joye_walsh at yahoo.com.

    2. Hi Adam
      I am also descended from Henry John and Mary. Their eldest son John James is my Grt Grt Grandfather. I have so many relatives asking me to send info about them that I am currently trying to put together a small booklet on what life would have been like for each generation growing up. When Henry and JJ bought the farm at Shallow Crossing there were 2 more generations born there before it was sold. I am sixth generation to live in this area. I have only just discovered this site and think it is wonderful to contact so many people descended from humble convicts. What a legacy.

      1. Hi Kathy
        I would be most interested in a copy of your work if/when it is available. It sounds like another great worthwhile project. Wishing you success.

  80. HI James, I am a descendant of Robert Rixon’s son Frederick. I think I have found a pic of Fred (dec 1909), but I have nothing to compare it to. Do you have any pics of any of Robert’s Children that I could see? Great site by the way ! cheers, Robin.

  81. Hi Kylie
    Welcome to this ever expanding Forest.
    If you would like to contact me, joye_walsh at yahoo.com I can give you more detail of the wider family. I also have a photo of a group of your grandfather’s line containing an unidentified man. Someone in your family may recognise him.
    Joye Rixon Walsh

  82. Hi
    Was wondering if you can still buy the book. James Rixon was my 7 GGF. Any help would be much appreciated

    Sharon Barlogio

  83. Hi Sharon – contact Joye Walsh (joye_walsh@yahoo.com), she published the book and I believe she still has copies for sale.


  84. Dear James,
    Hello again, hope you are well and keeping warm this winter. I’m back on the gene trail, and have remembered a conversation with my nan Ruby Rixon, (dau of Fred Rixon and Maria Ford) from the 1960’s. There was evidently a court case involving a dispute of land ownership between the govt. (maybe crown lands ?) and the Rixons. It was a big deal in the clan at the time, nicknamed the ‘Rixon Millions’ because they knew they were in the right and the govt. would have to make compensation if it resumed the land at Campbelltown. In the end there was a payout, but with so many relatives, it didn’t amout to very much each, but they were delighted. Have you ever heard this story ? Do you know any more details ? I would love to request the case record but don’t know where to start, so any bit of detail would help.
    Keep up the good work
    cheers, Robin

    1. Hi Robin

      I think the two best places to look for further information would by NSW State Records and Trove (the National Library Newspaper Index).

      Your comment doesn’t mention when the court case occured, but this might be a good start.


      When I did a search for Rixon, Campbelltown and Court, there were far fewer records. I wonder if the results might be there?


      Trove is an amazing resource too, especially the case was reported in the newspapers.

      Weeding through the information looks like it will be a bit involved. I did a search on just the word “Rixon” and 45,000 articles came up/


      Hoping these two links might help you.

      By the way, Trove is amazingly good in helping you find death notices, obituaries and court cases. I was able to find some wonderful records about my dad’s brother (killed in a workplace accident), and another of my dad’s brothers (almost went to gaol for robbery).

  85. I thank all, for such a wonderful site, I am not a descendant of Rixon, but my Grandmother Alice Lewis nee Waite in her latter years married Oliver Gillespie Rixon aka as Pat Craven. The Lewis family were amazed at their mother’s second marriage, and as I have researched my families over thirty odd years I decided to search for Pat Craven, born as Oliver Gillespie Rixon. Hence I have got caught up in this story and find it fascinating. Pat Craven boasted he was related to French Nobles and his Australian Heritage to me is more important that all the noble Ancestors he had, if any. I have found researchers with different places of death for Oliver, however, as far as I know he died in Eventide Nursing Home at Sandgate Brisbane Qld in 1968 and he is buried at Mt. Gravatt Cemetery in Brisbane.


    1. Hi Joan
      I am absolutely amazed at this story! It has always been a puzzle to know what happened to my grandfather’s youngest brother. There has to be a lot more to this story – why that name? The “French nobles” is fiction .. but then so is his name.
      When/where did they marry? He did live to a great age.
      How sad his siblings had lost touch so many years previously.
      Thank you so much for helping solve a puzzle.
      If you would like to contact me [joye_walsh@yahooo.com] I can put you in touch with some of his g’children/g’g’children. I met one g’g’son in UK last year who previously knew very little of the Rixon line.
      Joye Rixon Walsh

  86. Hi from West Australia,

    My mum Elizabeth Joan McMahon (Riley) mum is Elsie Lurline Rixon who I believe is related to James Rixon. love to get more info about the family. Regards Russell McMahon pd08056@gmail.com

  87. I am Joan the unrelated Rixon whose Grandmother married Oliver Gillespie Rixon aka Patrick Craven. Since my last note I have been trying to confirm that I have the right Rixon, and I am sure Oliver married my grandmother c1944 in Brisbane very likely at the Registrar office. I calculate the year as c 1944 because on Eventide Old People’s Home records Alice is shown with 2 marriage first to John Lewis at 19 second at 68 years to Patrick Craven. She was born in Liecester, Leicestershire England 23 November 1876 to James Waite and Harriet Tarry. I have traced Oliver’s first wife and family through Trove newspapers and it is an interesting trail which I will not go into here. Lucy Ellen Cook, first wife of Oliver died 14 Aug 1941 in NSW and buried Prospect Cemetery {Source-her obituary}. in 1941 she was at Wentworthville but Oliver seems to disappear from roll NSW , in1933 when he was at 18 Layton ? St Wentworthville. He may have moved to Qld and changed his name 1934 to Patrick Craven at Clermont a gold miner, 1941 at Pier Avenue Shorncliffe Brisbane no occ. 1943 at Kleso St Breakfast Creek watchman Those entries may not be for Oliver, but the next entry is, for he and Alice Craven are at Miller’s Rd Eight Mile plains just south of Brisbane that was a property owned by Alice’s son Frank. I n 1954- 1958 they had moved back into Alice’s rented home and 1968 Oliver was in Eventide Old Peoples’ Home. Alice does not appear with him after the late 1950’s. She made a Will in 1951 as Alice Craven sometimes known as Alice Gillespie Rixon wife of Oliver Gillespie Craven, leaving her entire Estates to her nine children no mention of Patrick. Two surnames that were associated with Oliver as Craven were Sarah TRELEAVEN nee Lewis, she was sister-in-law to Alice, and the second was Gus Behrendorff a man Sarah had befriended , they may be of some help and ring some bells for one of the family
    As it happened Alice and Oliver both ended up at Eventide unbeknown to each other and they died within days of each other. Alice is buried as RICKSON, Alice aka Alice Craven 18 July 1969 with her first husband John Lewis at Toowong Cemetery and Oliver is buried same day 18 July 1969 as RICSON at Mt Gravatt Cemetery in the Monumental section. Qld Public Curator later known as Public Trustee handled his affairs and far as I know there is no headstone, or there wasn’t the last time I looked years ago.
    There is final piece of information that is bugging me, that is Alice went to New Zealand to visit a sister towards the end of WWII and I wonder if Oliver had connections in New Zealand and went with her on that trip. As I am born 1934 I was still a child by the end of the war and really not interested with whom my grandmother travelled. My memories of Oliver are more into the 1950 era and they are some what dim. I have been asking other living relatives for information but unfortunately the only certain information I come up with is Oliver was regretfully not popular within the family. Joan

    P..S. I would be pleased to hear if my information has been helpful and or, if I can gain some additional detail

  88. Hi Joan
    I would love to be in touch – please email me at joye_walsh@yahoo.com or joyewalsh@gmail.com. Oliver’s g’daughter may be of assistance. Since your first message on this site I have been in contact with a few of his descendants. They would love to be able to confirm what happened to him.
    Oliver was the youngest son with 2 brothers and 9 sisters. His eldest brother was my grandfather.

  89. Hi my name is Tracy Linde, I am the Great grand daughter of William Murray Salisbury, Great, great grand daughter of Margaret Lucinda Salisbury (Rixon) who is the grand daughter of Benjamin Rixion. I am trying to piece together my family tree on the Rixon side as I know my family is quiet big. Any help would be great.

    1. Hi Tracy
      I do have you positioned in the Rixon family tree master file – “The Rixon Forest” – and help put you in contact with some other members of your line if you would like to contact me – joye_walsh at yahoo.com.
      The family certainly is big.

  90. Great story. I have no connection (I believe) to this James Rixon, apart from the fact that we have the same name and that I am a triplet myself!

  91. Hi James – What an amazing co-incidence! Where are you? I would love to be able to confirm if you do have a connection! Please contact me so we can sort it — if there is one. joye_walsh at yahoo.com.
    Cheers Joye

  92. Hi Phillip, Aunty Heather and Michael and to very one else. My name is Tracy Linde(nee Salisbury) I am the great grand daughter to William Murray Salisbury who is Margaret Lucinda Jemima Salisbury ( Murray) realted to Heather Williams( nee Salisbury) she is my aunty, Michael Dowd my cousin and Phillipa Salisbury my sister, my son Connor is doing a family tree in English is it ok to copy any information relating to the Rixon Family and any other info ould be great.



  93. Hi Tracy
    I’m not sure where you live but your Aunt Heather has a copy of the Rixon Forest book. Maybe you can borrow it for Connor to use also.

  94. Hi Joyce I live in Central NSW a Town called Molong 30 mins out of Orange. Its a small town with a Central School which all three of my Kids go to along with my husband who works in the Primary dept. We love here peaceful and quiet.


    1. Tracy, I used to live in Molong, my Rixons family is James, Amelia, James and Elizabeth, (triplet), James and Sarah, and my grandmother Cordella Myra Rixon,. There is another person related to the same family in Molong, are you related to Donna.

    1. Sorry, the book is only in a few Public Libraries. It is compulsory to provide books with an ISBN to major public libraries so it is at State Library in Sydney, and a few others. Not sure where the closest copy to you would be held. I still have a few copies. You can contact me direct – joye_walsh@yahoo.com
      Molong is a beautiful rural area. A lot of Rixon families are/were in that wider area.

      1. Hello Rixon descendants, and Tracey in jf particular. Libraries where the book is held do not lend it to other libraries I have found. However, there is a copy in the Guyra Shire library and it might be lent out to your local library.

  95. I consider that an error has occurred in the records regarding the age of James Rixon on his death. If he was born in 1770, in1811 he would obviously be 41. Will someone please correct that anomaly.

  96. James’ date of birth is believed to be about 1770 because at his trial in 1792 his age was given as 22. The age of 36 on James’ death is what is shown on his Burial Certificate, a copy of which I have in my files. That certificate contains very little information so we do not know the informant.

    1. Great comments Joye. I used to regularly interview the renowned Australian genealogist Janet Reakes (sadly RIP) who had a saying “mother’s baby, father’s maybe”. She was referring to the propensity for birth and death certificates to sometimes be a little misleading. I know some of the death certificates in my family’s history were sometimes intentionally misleading, while others were simply because people didn’t know. Sadly, my sister passed away a couple of weeks ago, and it was my job to talk my nephew through a lot of the details needed for the death certificate simply because he and his sisters didn’t know things like mother’s name, father’s name, profession etc.

  97. In response to James O’Brien’s observation on Janet Reakes saying, “mother’s baby, father’s maybe” … so true.
    “My birth mother (Ivy Augustine Head) was adamant that my biological father was, “James Norman Martin”, but getting a line on him is proving very difficult. And he’s also correct about Birth and Death Certificate information being misleading. People seemed to change their names willy-nilly.

  98. I refer to page 165 of “More a Forest than a Family Tree” . My dad Frank Holland passed stories down to me, told to him by his grandfather William Benjamin Rixon son of Ben Rixon. he told me they were known as old Ben and young Ben and as a young boy I was thrilled by the stories of bushrangers and of “old” Ben’s tracking and bush skills. However there a some errors that require attention. William Vincent married an Irish lass named Margaret Driscoll who came to Australia as a Bounty Passenger. Frank’s grandmother must have been Charlotte as Louisa had died in 1877. Frank was born in 1994 (my error in calling her Louisa. Emaline’s date of death should be 1938 if my guess is correct, not 1934. Frank’s early years were spent at Leura where the Hollands had a Boarding House and grandmother
    used to read peoples fortunes, palms and tea leaves etc. I have no information of them ever living in Redfern and of her being a midwife.

  99. Unfortunately “More a Forest than a Family Tree” contains many errors which I have updated on my master copy. Please remember, the book was compiled in 1998 before internet searching was possible and as I say on p6 –
    “Most of my information is from BDM records but more recent details are from those special family members who show greater interest in their family tree. This is normally a reliable source but is not a guarantee of accuracy”.

    Prior to publication I spent many hours at the State Library scouring microfiche records & still have the hand written notes I made then [only pencil allowed!]

    William Benjamin’s first wife was Louisa Vincent [daughter of William Vincent & Margaret Driscoll] and after her death he married Charlotte Cormie nee Cusson. William & Louisa had 8 children and William & Charlotte only had 1 child Arthur born c1887. Sadly he died in WW1. His photo appears twice in the WW1 Descendants of Benjamin Rixon collage.
    Emeline & John were living in Kensington when he died in 1935. Her death in 1938 was registered at Marrickville.

    Reg – I would be very happy for you to contact me at joye_walsh at yahoo.com as I am sure you have lots of other wonderful family memories it would be great to share.

    1. Hello Joye, Judith from Guyra here. I have been unable to find evidence of Emeline living in Kensington at the time of John’s death – such as electoral rolls. There was no mention of a wife in any of the newspaper reports. There is evidence of an Emeline Holland in Macquarie Fields at the time.

      Like Reg, John and Emeline are my g-grandparents, but through their son Fred.

  100. Hi Judith – Hope all goes well.
    According to notices published in SMH –1. funeral details of “Holland ..relatives & friends of Mrs John Holland …..” & in 2. a thank you notice the family was living at 71 Middle Street, Kensington. That address is now known as Kingsford.
    If you would like to email me I can send you a copy of the notices.
    I think the family moved around a bit – other addresses are in Darlington & Redfern.

    1. The address of 71 Middle St. Kingsford if my memory is correct was that of the Darby family. Esther Holland married Wallace Darby and I as a child lived at Fisher Street Kingsford, we were within walking distance of the Darbys. Emmeline was probably living with them at the time of her death. I don’t remember her being there but I was only six or seven then. I do recall her living at Janalli near the railway line at about the same time. I also know of her living near Bulli Pass as my brother Holma stayed there with her there for some time. I lived at Macquarie Fields when first married and some family member told me that grandmother Holland had lived there at one time. She was certainly a “Gypsy” ! speaking of Gypsies my dad (Frank) told me that when he was young the Hollands owned a Boarding House at Leura and grandmother used to read peoples fortunes with great accuracy. Hi to Judith, I remember Fred and Margaret (Maggie). You must be a daughter of one of their children, the only cousins that I never had any contact with, I recall being told that Richard ( Dick) was a Navy man.

      1. Hello Reg,
        My dad was Richard Vincent Holland, third child of Fred and Maggie. From 1934 electoral rolls John was at Middle Street with Wal and Esther, and Emmeline at Bulli Pass. Do you have any idea why Ester was named “Esther Alma Collaroy Holland”? I have a photo of the Hollands at Mafeking House, Leura, taken about 1907 I think, about a year after George Holland’s wife, Mary Ann, had died. I think Joye included that photo in her book.

  101. Reading through this in amazement.
    How would I get an idea of my lineage in the Rixon family tree?

    1. Hi Alex
      A good start would be to find out where you’re from in Australia. Rixons seem to have either stayed in Sydney, or moved to Southern NSW, by and large.

    2. Hi Alex
      If you were happy to indicate your g’parents names I may be able to fit you into one of the 2 major Rixon lines in Australia. One is the “Rixon Forest” – as in this conversation trail – and the other group consists of the Settlers who arrived much later. They settled mainly around Tamworth area. You can post here or email me – joye_walsh at yahoo.com.

  102. Hello Joye, i’m a distant relative of James Rixon and was wanting to get a copy of the book. I’m not sure how far back we go as I’m just started with the family tree but my cousin Jayson has left comments before regarding info about the Rixon family line. Thanks again Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa
      Great to hear from another “twig” in this huge Forest of the Rixon family. Please email me joye_walsh@yahoo.com to confirm just where you fit into the line and for details of the book. I only have a couple of copies still available.
      As mentioned to Jayson – do you know of the Rixon Family Gathering planned for May 20, 2018 at Windsor?
      Are you also a descendant of John Benjamin Head b1867?
      My line is through Benjamin [triplet] born 1806.

      1. Hi Joye, I have tried to email you but it keeps bouncing back. I would love to if possible to get a copy of the book. I have recently moved to Windsor and once learning that James and Amelia my fiancée and I went to the cemetery and visited the headstones of both James and Amelia. My email is possy_7@yahoo.com.au. My grandfather was James Patrick Head married to Mavis Eileen Waterhouse.

      2. Hi Joye, I am a descendant of John Benjamin Head. I’ve just moved to Windsor and when Jayson told me that all about the Rixon side of the family I was excited to learn more. I’ve also been up to the cemetery to see the lovely headstones for both James and Amelia.

        1. Upon reading that the Rixon Book is still available I would dearly love to purchase one, not for myself but to have sent to my niece Jennifer Davies nee Thompson. Jenny is very interested in the Rixon Family Tree. I have tried unsuccessfully to contact Joye Walsh via email without any luck Jenny and Peter Davies address is 5 Semaphore St. Emerald Beach NSW 2456. I will meet the cost of book and postage. invoice to me. I would love to surprise her!

          1. Wonderful to know that more Rixon descendants are claiming their heritage. Hope you all have the date of next year’s Rixon Reunion at Windsor in your diary so you can come if possible – May 20, 2018.
            Would you like to try to contact me via my secondary email – joyewalsh@gmail.com
            That should work. Sometimes the underscore between joye and walsh in my Yahoo account gets tricky.

  103. Hi,

    I believe James is my 5X Great Grandfather, through the lineage James>Benjamin>James> Selina who was my great great Grandmother.

    I have only recently begun to look into this, but I’m happy to help with any family trees where I can.

    I will definitely try and get to the Rixon reunion next year.

    1. Hi Bec
      Great to know you are interested in your heritage and plan to attend in May 2018. Your G’g’mother Lorna attended the first Reunion in 1998 and I have lovely memories of her.
      Please contact me joye_walsh@yahoo.com OR joyewalsh@gmail.com to add to your family line.
      I am also a Benjamin descendant.

  104. Hi, I was wanting to know if you have a copy of the Rixon family history book that I can purchase. It would be very appreciated. Judy Gray / Bott

    1. Hi Judy
      Maybe you mean the book “More a Forest than a Family Tree”?? If so, could you please contact me on joye_walsh@yahoo.com OR joyewalsh@gmail.com as there are 4 copies of the original version still available.
      I am hoping to update it for 2018, possibly after the 20th May 2018 Rixon Gathering at Windsor. Joye

  105. Good afternoon,
    Recently I was following up on my First Fleeters Andrew Goodwin & Lydia Munro & came across Amelia Goodwin 1770-1834 who was married to a John Goodwin back in England. I have almost completely discounted Amelia being on our family tree. However, what I have discovered is that my daughter-in-law is the 6 times removed Granddaughter of James Rixon & Amelia Goodwin

    James Rixon 1770-1811 & Amelia Goodwin 1770-1834 both convicts – their son
    William Rixon 1802-1847 m Ann Hoare 1826-1895 their daughter
    Amelia Ann Rixon around 1828 – 1917 m George Augustus Sheffield (Convict) d 23 Nov 1846 their daughter
    Anaitis Maria 1847-1921 m Charles MCauley Morrison1845-1917 their daughter
    Minnie Lyle Morrison 1878-1973 m James Robert Valentine Anderson 1881-1969 their daughter
    Elsie Lyle Anderson m Ernest Mervyn Monotti 1909-1975 their son
    Ian Monotti 1944 m Rosemary Huf 1947 their youngest daughter
    Katherine Eliza Monotti 1974 m Christopher deRavin Grose 1971
    (Kate being my daughter-in-law & Chris my son)

    Can anyone confirm the above family tree. Being a First fleet descendant I have many convicts on my family tree – my maternal grandparents were both born Tasmania which is a bit of a giveaway. It would be very exciting to find some more convicts for my Grandchildren ! I am particularly interest in the George Augustus Sheffield line as he seems to have a very interesting lineage – do you know of anyone who has done his tree!

    I am so excited about this family connection, I await for an answer with baited breath LOL !

    With kind regards
    Jan Grose
    6 Snow Gum Court,
    Strathdale (Bendigo) Vic. 3550

    1. Hi Jan
      Your daughter in law is definitely a James & Amelia descendant. Those details you have there are already included in the Rixon Forest book – “More a Forest than a Family Tree” – the updated version to be published later this year. Kate & her siblings are listed but my information stops there. I can supply some more information about George Augustus and can put you in touch with another descendant of George who can possibly add even more. Please contact me on my email – joye _walsh at yahoo.com OR joyewalsh at gmail.com. Great to have contact with another “twig” in this huge family tree.
      Cheers Joye

  106. Thank you Joye for answering so promptly. I would love to buy a copy of your book as a gift for Kate & my 2 grandchildren Audrey & Oscar – how do I go about doing this? This is very exciting! Imagine 2 Goodwin families on our tree and they aren’t related.
    We are off to Norfolk Island 29/7 we haven’t been there for 25 years – I will be following up more family history as my First Fleeters lived there until 1811 – had 5 children born NI. I see there is a Hoare connection on NI I am trying to do my homework on him before we go.
    Thank you so much Joye so very much appreciated.
    Cheers Jan Grose

    1. Hi Jan
      I am currently OS, not back for a few more weeks and won’t be publishing the new edition until later in the year. A good Christmas present! Could you please email me so I can send you details & also to ensure your family is included properly. Norfolk Island is a lovely place – enjoy it all, and hopefully you will make some new discoveries. Joye

  107. Hello Rixon fam!
    I’m researching for my dad as he loves history and isn’t very computer literate. We’ve discovered we are from James Rixon and Elizabeth Hoare’s son James, and Sarah Spears (3 James’ in a row is very confusing for verifying facts!). Their daughter Lilian Malvina Rixon married Morwick Charles Beck, and their daughter Alice Enid Beck married Henry Rann and had my nan Lillian Joy who married Vincent Ernest Coghlan. Their 3rd son Laurie is my dear old dad 🙂
    I’ve emailed Joye in hopes of buying the book for dad.
    Just thought I’d add our names into the ever growing forest.

  108. Hi. My name is Samantha Rixon and I am a descendent of one of the triplets – Benjamin Rixon. My father is Adrian Rixon and his father is Lesley Rixon of Bingara/Moree area. I believe my parents have the “More A Forrest Than A Family Tree” book. I must borrow it sometime. They also attended a Rixon event but I can’t recall which one it was. I’m guessing it was the 1998 event. Anyway, it’s all very interesting. Thank you for this page.

    1. Hi Samantha
      Great to know you are interested in your heritage. Your Dad was at the most recent Rixon Gathering in Windsor in 2018 with several other immediate family members. Your brother’s baby Christian, was the youngest person there!
      Joye [also a Benjamin descendant].

  109. Hi What a wonderful site. Thank you to all involved.
    I can trace my line back to James and Amelia via Benjamin (triplet), James Rixon, Anne Louisa Rixon/Henry Shaw, Herbert George Shaw, and my mother Sylvia Mountain (nee Shaw).
    I am particularly interested in the Rixon line as I gave birth to triplets (Natalie, Alison and Ian) in 1986. Does anyone know of any other triplets in the ‘tree’?
    As I come from Tamworth I am also interested in the comment above about the Rixons that settled mainly around Tamworth. How are they related?
    Kind regards
    Sue Lockart (nee Mountain)

    1. Hi Sue

      How exciting to have triplets. I believe they may be the only ones.
      There are lots of twins – Jude Richards has done a thorough search of the known Rixon descendants of James & Amelia and found about 50 sets of twins, but no triplets!
      The Rixon family who settled around the Uralla/Tablelands area came as free Settlers from Berkshire, in the second half of the C19, Four brothers came, but only three had descendants.
      At this stage there is no relationship between the two Rixon families. Our James Rixon only became “Rixon” when he arrived in Australia. He was tried as “Hickson” in Derby.

      If you would like to email me I can give you more information. joye_walsh@yahoo.com

      I too am a Benjamin descendant – from his eldest son, Henry John b1830.


  110. Good morning James, I got a request for you.
    James and Amelia had a son, Henry John who married Mary and they had a son, Thomas Clyde. He married Margaret Duffy and got a daughter, Evelyn who married Arthur Hilton Herne.
    He had a brother, Albert John married to Jessie Baxter. Their son, Harold William Herne is the grandfather to my soninlaw, Brent Johnson.
    So why not a direct descendant to James and Amelia there is still a connection so I wonder if you would permit me to take a copy of image of Henry John on your website and also from the dedication to James gravesite_

  111. Hi I am a descendant of James Rixon. My great grandfather was Robert Farell who married Eveline Rixon.
    I wondered if the 2018 book by Joye Walsh is still available?

    1. Hi Netty
      Yes, the book is still available. It is a much updated version of the 1998 edition. The 2018 book has now been reprinted 3 times, the most recent with a few more updates/corrections in February this year. If you would like a copy could you please email me so I can send you an order form? Joye joye_walsh@yahoo.com

      1. Hi Joye
        I married a Rixon, decended from James (1932-92)/Emily Organ, via his son Edwin/Fanny Biles then his son also Edwin/Edith Gray, and then son Alfred/Lorna Dinning. Firstly, if you want the data I have as a GEDCOM file, please just ask.

        I am interested in the book, so can you send me detail of obtaining it please.
        Thanks, Ian

        1. Hi Ian
          Welcome to the Rixon Forest Family. Great to be in touch with another “twig”. I am descended from “your” James’ elder brother Henry John b1830, d1919.
          Please send an email to joye_walsh@yahoo.com and I will send you details of the Forest Book.

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