More A Forest Than A Family Tree

From Joye Walsh

The 2018 edition of James Rixon and Amelia Goodwin More a Forest than a Family Tree has now been delivered and is available for purchase.

The book has 716 pages, contains over 15000 names and as many images as it was possible to include. Such a mammoth project in updating the 1998 edition has consumed many months of my time but it would not have been possible without the wonderful contributions and support of hundreds of Rixon ‘twigs’ who have shared their details and photos.

My thanks go to those wonderful people who inspired me in the beginning: my father Vic Rixon and his stories, and Lionel Gilbert at Armidale who taught Family History, giving it an authenticity in an era when it was not ‘fashionable’.

Other original travellers on this journey include May Tufnell Rixon, Mary Rixon Gainey, Eunice Campbell, Ness Akers, Janet Robinson and Judy Hatty Richards.

Many others – too numerous to name here – have joined along the way.

This book is a tribute to you all and hopefully an inspiration to continue to explore and document your wider family lines. No collection like this is ever complete and fully accurate, but every attempt has been made to include all
known ‘twigs’. James and Amelia should be proud of their descendants.

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