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  • Mixed Bag

    Mixed Bag

    “There were so many podcasts I’ve never heard of”, I told quite a few people at last night’s Australian Podcast Awards. Though I knew a lot of people attending, including quite a few finalists and winners, there was a distinct “knowledge gap” for me about many of the commercial sector podcasts.… Read the rest

  • Are podcasts “dying”?

    Are podcasts “dying”?

    “Are podcasts dying? Have they peaked?” I wondered to myself when I saw some of the research presented at “Podcast Day 24” in Sydney. In relation to podcasts, the United States has always been a little ahead of the game.… Read the rest

  • AAO at Coraki

    AAO at Coraki

    “Thanks for coming and keeping the story alive”, I said to Ian and Lee at the end of their broadcast of ABC Radio’s “Australia All Over” from Coraki. “By and large people in Sydney have forgotten about the floods, and their eyes glaze over when I mention them”, I added.… Read the rest

  • Songs about radio

    Songs about radio

    While free-to-air television numbers are dropping dramatically to video on demand, radio listening numbers are still solid. People still wake up every morning and prefer the radio over TV.

    Stations focused on music are struggling, as people get more personalised offerings from places like Spotify.… Read the rest

  • Thousands at  Mindil Beach

    Thousands at Mindil Beach

    Though it may seem I’m on a “holiday” right now, I’m actually working quite hard. The days haven’t been necessarily overly long, but they’ve been fairly intense. After two years of working from home, face-to-face daily interactions can sometimes be quite exhausting.… Read the rest

  • Darwin shots

    Darwin shots

    The woman behind the counter looked at me with surprise when I told her I didn’t want a side salad with my steak.

    Often they consist of too much barely edible lettuce, and not enough tomatoes and cucumbers (my favourite salad vegetables/fruits).… Read the rest

  • What’s the right word?

    What’s the right word?

    What’s the word for the name you give someone who helps the new kid at school?

    I’ve been trying to remember the word all week, and everyone keeps saying, “buddy”. Indeed, that was the first word I thought of, too.… Read the rest

  • One Night in Canberra

    One Night in Canberra

    “These are the reason I haven’t worn a watch in about twenty years”, I told Sue, as we wandered around the ABC Studio at Old Parliament House, now the “Museum Of Australian Democracy”.… Read the rest

  • Black / Indigenous Lives Matter

    Black / Indigenous Lives Matter

    “Can you give me a hand up? I’m not sure I can get back up”, an older woman (probably in her early 70s) said to me today. She was one of many people taking part in today’s protest march in Sydney.… Read the rest

  • Making use of that old digital TV set-top box

    Making use of that old digital TV set-top box

    Here’s a handy hint for making use of that old digital TV set-top box you might still have.

    You can now listen to ABC stations like local ABC Radio, Triple J, Classic and RN etc via free-to-air TV.… Read the rest

  • Andrew Olle Media Lecture 2019

    Andrew Olle Media Lecture 2019

    I took a rebel stand on my outfit for this year’s “Andrew Olle Media Lecture”. Though I’ve been attending the lecture for over twenty years (only missing one, the year I lived in Western Australia) dressing for it is pretty simple.… Read the rest

  • Radio Alive

    Radio Alive

    “I was on the verge of getting up and walking out”, a colleague told me over lunch. “He’s a disgusting, horrible person, and represents everything I hate”, she added.

    She was referring to the radio presenter, Kyle Sandilands, in conversation with TV presenter, Karl Stefanovic.… Read the rest