Radio Anniversaries

This week has been dedicated to reflecting on the rich history of radio in Australia, particularly my own connection and career within the radio industry.

My earliest recollections transport me back to my childhood, sharing a room with my mother and grandmother, waking up to the tunes of 2LM, our local commercial radio station. The “Country Hillbillies” program, with its timeless country music, became a morning ritual. The simplicity of the melodies and the compelling storytelling within the music captured my young heart, a sentiment that has endured through the years.… Read the rest “Radio Anniversaries”

Vietnam Radio

The major topic of discussion on radio on Tuesday revolved around the high school entrance exam.

Despite my efforts to stay away from work-related thoughts during this trip, Tuesday had a touch of work mode for me as Andrea arranged a visit to Voice of Vietnam in Saigon.

One of my resolutions for this trip was to avoid thinking about work, and removing Outlook and Teams from my phone proved helpful. However, I couldn’t help but enjoy getting back into work mode.… Read the rest “Vietnam Radio”


Whenever he appears in the media (as he did this week with his comments about AUKUS), I will often relate to friends and colleagues the time I had to “meet and greet” former Prime Minister, Paul Keating. Though I don’t recall the exact date, it was probably in about 2006, and I think he was coming on ABC Radio Sydney to talk about Barangaroo.

As I recall from our chat, he was curious about the appointment of Virginia Trioli to the Morning Show on ABC Radio Sydney (“Does she know anything about Sydney?”),… Read the rest “Flashback”

Lismore Radio 2LM

“I remember there was a colour-coded pie chart on the wall, which told you what type of song you played next. I’m pretty sure the first track was a gold (meaning a familiar but older hit song), and then it was an album track, and before the ad break, you always played a current top forty hit song”, I said to Jenny Burgess working in the newsroom at 2LM, Lismore today. I told her I wasn’t really sure if that was exactly correct, but that was kinda how I remember it.… Read the rest “Lismore Radio 2LM”