“Because a lot of producers come from a journalism background, they mostly think about the words. I love that he spent so much time speaking about the sound”, I said to someone over drinks at the end of #ozpod2019 today. We were talking about Dan Blank, creator of the fiction podcast, “Carrier”. Dan, incidentally, has […]

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The Boy from Boree Creek

Having worked as a journalist and broadcaster for over thirty years, I’ve got to know a LOT of politicians. In my view, some of them have been very good people, and some of them have been arseholes. On one side of politics, I’ve had the son a politician threaten me with physical violence over a […]

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Live Radio

Quite by accident this week, I found myself attending two “live radio events”. The first was a recording of “A Rational Fear”; the second was a live performance of “The Unauthorised History Of The Sausage Sizzle”, a documentary which goes to air this weekend as part of “The History Lesson” on RN. The first, “A […]

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