Through the heart… a flood of fears and tears

It has been over a year since the catastrophic flood devastated Lismore, my hometown in Northern NSW. However, the recovery of both people’s lives and infrastructure is still slow and ongoing. The emotional impact of the flood still runs deep, which I have observed in my own family and the lives of many others. These emotions were further highlighted in a photographic exhibition titled “Through the Heart… A Flood of Fears and Tears,” which recently opened at the NSW Parliament.… Read the rest “Through the heart… a flood of fears and tears”

Rally For A Just Recovery

“As I go from Woodburn to Evan’s Head, I go from people living in tents to people who might live in their house every second weekend”, a bloke called Steve said at today’s “Rally For A Just Recovery” held in the middle of town, as Lismore rebuilds after last year’s catastrophic flood.

Today’s rally at the Lismore Transit Centre, featuring speeches and music.

Steve was, of course, referring to the holiday market, and the multi-million dollar homes you find at North Coast locations like Evan’s Head and Byron Bay.… Read the rest “Rally For A Just Recovery”

Friday Night in Lismore

As you walk around the main block in Lismore, you can hardly walk fifty metres without seeing another grouping of hand-printed signs stuck to empty shop windows. These signs promote everything from bands playing and theatre productions, to natural health workshops, and (increasingly) signs from businesses looking for staff or saying they can’t open due to staff shortages. It’s like in the early days of COVID, except the staff shortages now are because people have moved away, after last year’s catastrophic flood.… Read the rest “Friday Night in Lismore”

Signs of love and life in Lismore

There was a moment today, as I walked around the block in Lismore, when I felt really quite sad.

It’s three and a half months since I’ve been home, and it’s fourteen months since last year’s devastating floods.

Deep down, I’d hoped the progress towards recovery might have been a little more profound than what I saw today.

On the positive, there are many more re-opened shops around the main block. I’d estimate maybe thirty percent of the shops have re-opened.… Read the rest “Signs of love and life in Lismore”