• South Lismore Public School
    South Lismore Public School

    I still remember the sounds of the pile drivers as they constructed the “new buildings” for South Lismore Public School.

    And when I say “new buildings”, the “new school” was opened in 1978, the year I started high school.… Read the rest

  • State of Origin
    State of Origin

    “What size is a ‘7’ for a beer in Queensland?”, I asked people on Twitter this week, adding, “I have been googling and I’m confused. I remember ordering one years ago, but it’s a long time since I lived in the sunshine state”.… Read the rest

  • Where’s Destiny?
    Where’s Destiny?

    I noticed there was a bloke with a “Hall & Oates” haircut as I looked around the room at “The Sportsman’s Hotel” in Brisbane last night. Do you remember THAT 80s look?… Read the rest

  • Perth Stories
    Perth Stories

    “I thought it was five years, but it’s actually six”, I told a friend over a beer at Perth’s Grosvenor Hotel. The last time we had seen each other face-to-face was at the funeral of Eoin Cameron, the former ABC Radio presenter.… Read the rest

  • Flood Stories
    Flood Stories

    “Southies don’t run, mate”. Jack is quoted in today’s Sydney Morning Herald feature about the catastrophic Lismore floods, four months ago.

    The heartwrenching article was written by Heath Gilmore, and the beautiful photograph of Jack and Sam was taken by Jacklyn Wagner.… Read the rest

  • Journo Lessons
    Journo Lessons

    “That’s NOT a story. You’re NOT at work”, I remember my former partner saying to me, once. Though I don’t remember the exact details, I remember we were at a dinner party, and one of our friends said something that obviously sparked the “journalist brain” in me.… Read the rest