Manly Saturday

I was running late, and so I paid a few extra dollars to catch the fast ferry. With only a few people on board, I couldn't help but notice I was amongst a handful of middle aged nerdy blokes taking a close up look at one of the cruise ships at Sydney's Circular Quay. "What [...]

Camera Roll

Matt's Sign

It's half-past something in the middle of the night, and I'm catching up on reading social media and blogs. In the midst of Twitter, Facebook and Google+, the reason I'm still blogging, and the reason I'm still reading blogs, is (generally speaking), they offer something more substantial than elsewhere in the personal online space. Admittedly, [...]

Jonas Holmberg

Three or four years ago, I discovered the Swedish singer, Jonas Holmberg, and fell totally in love with his voice. I know it's a cliche, but he has the "voice of an angel", and he chooses such great tunes which are then beautifully orchestrated. As someone learning Swedish, I also love the fact he has [...]

Sydney Views

"Can you imagine what it must be like here for the New Years Eve fireworks?", I asked a colleague earlier tonight. The reality is neither of us could probably afford the view privately, so it was really lovely to be invited to a function earlier tonight, located on the thirty-first floor of Sydney's Interncontinental Hotel. [...]

Mardi Gras History Walk

"Tom Hughes was Lucy Turnbull's dad", I whispered into the ear of my friend Graeme. Though it wasn't specifically mentioned on the Mardi Gras History Walk, it was something I knew which added to the story. Historian, Robert French was talking about a meeting of the Liberal Party of NSW held in the early 1970s. [...]

Melodifestivalen 2017 : Deltävling 3

The "f-word" keeps turning up in this year's Melodifestivalen, the Swedish heats and final which leads to the Eurovision Song Contest. In the first week, there was the opening number which referred to the contest as "Melo-fucking-di-festivalen". Last week, Lisa Ajax sang "I don't give a (fuck), and this week, Robin Bengtsson sang "I can't go on [...]

Saturday Afternoon

The grass lawn outside Sydney's "Museum Of Contemporary Art" is incredibly comfortable at the moment. So comfortable, in fact, that I fell asleep briefly there yesterday afternoon, enjoying the shade afforded, on another warm day in Sydney. Not as warm as other days, but warm enough. It was only the sunshine hitting my feet that [...]