• Telling Stories

    Telling Stories

    “Do you have any advice, any tips for people here in Lismore for when the reporters and camera operators come knocking on doors at the end of February”, I asked Melissa Doyle, the former “Sunrise” co-host who was in Lismore on a tour promoting her new book, “Fifteen Seconds Of Brave”.… Read the rest “Telling Stories”

  • Peak Byron

    Peak Byron

    Don’t get me wrong, because Pablo was an excellent performer, I really enjoyed him playing. But when I saw him playing at the Beach Hotel at Byron Bay Beach Hotel yesterday, I giggled a little.

    Here was a bloke called Pablo with a beard and a bun, playing folk music with a flute and then later a trumpet at a pub in Byron, where I was drinking an overpriced 13-dollar schooner of Coopers Green.… Read the rest “Peak Byron”

  • Aracades & Laneways

    Aracades & Laneways

    I took a walk around through some of the arcades and laneways of Lismore on the weekend. Eight months after the catastrophic flood, I was keen to see how the reconstruction of the arcades and laneways is going. Work on the main streets is slowly underway, and some shops have re-opened.… Read the rest “Aracades & Laneways”

  • Lovemore


    In the days and weeks following the catastrophic flood, “hearts” started appearing on homes and businesses around Lismore.

    Pretty quickly, they became a “thing”.

    People began to sew them “professionally” to support fundraising.


    And people started creating their own variations on the heart theme, to brighten the otherwise fairly desolate city views.… Read the rest “Lovemore”

  • Sometimes


    I saw something on Facebook the other week about “Crimson: A Night Of Queer Cabaret” at Lismore’s Star Court Theatre.

    The same theatre I went to as a child, mostly on a Saturday morning (with my school friend, Mark Anderson). Back then, children’s tickets were only twenty cents for a double matinee.… Read the rest “Sometimes”

  • Do you know everyone?

    Do you know everyone?

    “Jim, do you know everyone in Lismore?”, my nephew Sam asked me yesterday, half-joking. As long as he’s been alive, I’ve lived in Sydney. He seemed genuinely surprised at the number of people I knew, as we walked home from the Lismore Showground.

    We were at the showground for clothes fitting for his Year 12 school formal.… Read the rest “Do you know everyone?”

  • Blue Skies

    Blue Skies

    None of us slept well last night. Yesterday, the BOM/SES was predicting ANOTHER flood for Lismore. Though not at the catastrophic levels of the floods in February/March, there was still the prediction of a “moderate to major flood”.

    The forecast said the flood might reach 9.7 metres (possibly more) on the Wilsons River at Lismore.… Read the rest “Blue Skies”

  • Thankyou Lismore

    Thankyou Lismore

    You should never post anything to social media on a Friday night, I’ve recently concluded. There are far too many people with “opinions” that, perhaps, become a little more extreme at the end of the working week, and perhaps after a glass or two of something. I was reminded of this again last night, after posting to a Facebook group a video of the Lismore flood thankyou parade at the Lismore Show.… Read the rest “Thankyou Lismore”

  • Lismore Show

    Lismore Show

    “Do you need a lift to the showground?”, Pat asked me today. “You KNOW I can walk to and from the showground by myself,” I said to her in reply. We laughed (kinda) today as we remembered the time when I got lost at the Lismore Show, aged seven or eight.… Read the rest “Lismore Show”