Brisbane Sunrise

Back in Brisbane

The sunrise over Brisbane on Monday was really beautiful. Even the city's ugly buildings looked good against the backdrop. I wouldn't normally have been up and about so early, but I'd woken at 4.00am Brisbane time. Most days I wake at about 5.00am, but because of the change between daylight saving time and regular time … Continue reading Back in Brisbane

Argentinian beer for Dinner at Porteño

Finally Porteño

"How long before you move?", I asked the waiter tonight. "About five weeks, or thereabouts", he told me. Once the home of Greek restaurant, Dimitri's (with associated plate breaking), the building on Cleveland Street will be looking for a new life, as Porteño is moving to another Surry Hills location. In contrast to Dimitri's, which … Continue reading Finally Porteño

The Andrew Olle Media Lecture

Andrew Olle Media Lecture

One of the regular highlights of my year is attending the Andrew Olle Media Lecture. Andrew was an Australian journalist who embodied so many of the great principles of journalism who died suddenly from a brain cancer, aged 47. Ever since, there's been a black tie event and fundraiser for brain cancer research. Though it … Continue reading Andrew Olle Media Lecture


The Future Of Radio

I made a brief appearance on national radio last night, in an hour-long segment asking... The way we listen to radio has changed dramatically. What does the future hold? And why is radio such a powerful medium? James O'Brien is the Acting Manager of the ABC's Capital City Radio Group and Steve Ahern is a … Continue reading The Future Of Radio

South Lismore Public School visits ABC Sydney

Wednesday’s Bright Spot

You know how you sometimes get to Wednesday and you feel like you've already done a week's work? Something happened today that was so cool that I wanted to share it with you. As you may know, I'm from Lismore, and went to a school on the “wrong side of the tracks”. Today, students from … Continue reading Wednesday’s Bright Spot


Primavera 2016

Though I've never heard her referred to as Lucy Hughes Turnbull before, the phrase was repeated several times at the official opening of this year's Primavera at the Museum of Contemporary Art. I kept thinking Hillary Rodham Clinton. Lucy, of course, has had her own career in politics on the Sydney City Council, and I … Continue reading Primavera 2016