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  • Yearly Review – 2015

    Yearly Review – 2015

    2015 has definitely been a year of ups and downs. Highlights/lowlights of the year have included some wonderful overseas travel, a life-changing meeting with a family member, the near-loss of one close family member due to a heart-attack, and sadly, in the days before Christmas the loss of another close family member due to cancer.… Read the rest

  • Yearly Review – 2014

    Yearly Review – 2014

    Half way through the year, Sue and I went on a trip to China. When she first spotted the “Nexus Holidays China Sampler” late last year, we both thought it sounded “too good to be true”.… Read the rest

  • Year in Review 2013 – Not The 48 Crash

    Year in Review 2013 – Not The 48 Crash

    “You’ve lost a lot of weight. You look fantastic” is the most common phrase I’ve heard this year, usually followed shortly afterwards by a secondary question, almost whispered, “You’re okay, aren’t you?”.… Read the rest

  • Year in Review 2012

    Year in Review 2012

    It was just me and Kylie for New Year’s Eve this year. After spending last year in Perth, and the year before in Lismore, I didn’t really feel like spending this year at the fireworks in Sydney, or at Tropical Fruits in Lismore.… Read the rest

  • Year In Review 2011

    Year In Review 2011

    It’s been a funny year. It’s been a mixed year. It’s been a year of ups and downs. Mostly it’s been a pretty good year, though there have been times. Yes, there have been times…

    I started the year catching a flight back from Lismore to Sydney.… Read the rest

  • Year in Review 2010

    Year in Review 2010

    As I sit down on New Years Eve to think about what’s happened in my life this year, there’s so much to reflect upon: overseas trips, new adventures at work, and the death of a close family member.… Read the rest