Year in Review 2012

It was just me and Kylie for New Year’s Eve this year. After spending last year in Perth, and the year before in Lismore, I didn’t really feel like spending this year at the fireworks in Sydney, or at Tropical Fruits in Lismore. So I spent the night listening to some late night music and watching the fireworks curated by Kylie. I woke up this morning feeling quite chipper.

It’s a good start to 2013, because, quite frankly, 2012 was a bit of a disappointment.

In 2012, there was no overseas travel to write about. There wasn’t even much in the way of domestic travel. Instead, this year was the year I became a bit of a “home-body”. In lots of ways, that’s not a bad thing. This year, I’ve been ridding myself of years of accumulated “junk”, got some artworks framed and hanged, and even went down the path of getting a fortnightly visit from a cleaner.

“Home” now feels like a much better and happier place for me to spend my time. This year, I’ve become much more happy to stay at home reading, listening to music, watching television, and cooking. As I noted in a blog post a few months ago, I’ve become a lot more solitary this year. Although there have been time when I’ve thought I’ve become a little too “solitary”, mostly I think it’s a pretty good thing. I guess it’s a sign that, with age, I’m a little more comfortable in my own skin.

In 2012, there were also few, if any, “opening nights”, “exhibitions” and the like. In part, it’s because I’ve fallen off the “opening night invite list” because I now have a job which is now, seemingly, no longer attractive to publicists. When I worked as a radio presenter and as a day-to-day manager, there were always lots of invitations. But now that I’ve moved up in management circles, and have a job which I’ve sometimes described as “the type of job that’s hard to explain to your family”. I’ve fallen off the list. Sure, there were a couple of interesting exhibitions I’ve been to, movies I’ve seen, plays I’ve attended, but mostly, I’ve enjoyed just staying at home. You come home, you relax, you read, you watch tv, you listen to the radio or music, and then suddenly the thought of going out and chatting to people you don’t know all that well suddenly loses its appeal.

Throughout the year there have been a few “constants” in my life, including Swedish class, Wednesday nights at the pub, and Sunday nights at either The Balkan or Thainesia. All of these “regular” things have been great fun, and have provided lots of laughter and enjoyment.

Work-wise it’s been another interesting year. I’ve had the opportunity to “act up” and try some new roles at work, all of which added to my enjoyment, and which also helped me clarify my future role at work.

As I look towards 2013, I’m praying that my family overcomes some of the difficulties they’re currently encountering. I also pray that friends will find happiness in their lives, as being around the age of fifty can often result in a bit of a re-consideration of life’s priorities. I also have a friend who is getting older and facing some of the difficulties that involves, and I pray that the next year will get a little easier, and not more difficult.

I’m also looking forward to some overseas travel this year. Sweden, of course, will be part of it. But I’m also heading to Berlin where I’m on a panel at a radio conference. My friend Sue will be coming with me for some of the trip. The one issue I’m toying with at the moment is how long I should go for. Four weeks? Six weeks? Two months? Longer? I’ll make a final decision early next week when my boss returns from leave, and we can discuss how long I should stay away for.

Oh yeah, and I’m trying to grow a beard. “I’m going for the ‘daddy’ look”, I told a friend on Monday. She laughed.

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  1. hi james hi james happy new year the beard is a good thing hope it doesnt cause to much problems. like yourself i saw the fire works on the tv no one can match sydneys fire works as always they out did themselves i was a shame that it was raining here in townsville (as it got caned for another day)i would have liked to have taken my 2.5 year old to see them. take care anhopefully 2013 will bring good cheer to everyone. sing phillipa salisbury (townsville)


  2. Take a long break, James, you’ve more than earned one. And congrats on getting some artwork framed – I agree that it’s an achievement! I managed to frame and hang all of two in 2012.

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