Midnight Oil in Darwin

Although a lot has been written about the serious political content of their lyrics, I’ve always been far more moved by their melodies and beats.

Songs like “Power & The Passion” and “When The Generals Talk” appealed more to my “dance sensibilities” than most of their 1980s Australian rock contemporaries.

The lyrics of Midnight Oil songs are important, but it was the fact their choruses were easy to sing along to, and easy to dance to that has always appealed to me.… Read the rest “Midnight Oil in Darwin”

Music and Art in Darwin

Three years ago when my friend, Sue and I were both here in Darwin, we were truly impressed by a busker we saw at the Parap Markets. He was a good-looking young man, with a good voice, and a good stage presence. We were both immediately convinced he was destined for “greater things”.


To my delight he was back at Parap Markets this morning, still busking, and still in the same place. It was wonderful that he’s “keeping it real”.… Read the rest “Music and Art in Darwin”

Happy Tears

“You made me a little bit teary tonight”, I said to Felicity Urquhart as we embraced after her show at “The Vanguard” in Newtown.

Felicity is a country music singer who actually comes from Tamworth, Australia’s country music “capital”.. “One of the daughters of Trish and Rex” she often likes to say. Though you might also know her from the “Sydney Weekend” TV show, and from her days on ABC Radio.

It was the first time I’d since her perform live since November 2018, at the ABC for the launch of the Tamworth Country Music Festival.… Read the rest “Happy Tears”

ABBA – Voyage

The arrival of a new ABBA record back in the 70s and 80s was always a hit and miss affair in Lismore, the country town where I grew up. Though we always knew the date of a new release, there were sometimes delays in it arriving in town. “Has it arrived yet?” I would often ask Jeff from the local branch of Palings, and would be disappointed to discover it was still a few days away.  … Read the rest “ABBA – Voyage”