Midnight Oil in Darwin

Although a lot has been written about the serious political content of their lyrics, I’ve always been far more moved by their melodies and beats.

Songs like “Power & The Passion” and “When The Generals Talk” appealed more to my “dance sensibilities” than most of their 1980s Australian rock contemporaries.

The lyrics of Midnight Oil songs are important, but it was the fact their choruses were easy to sing along to, and easy to dance to that has always appealed to me.… Read the rest “Midnight Oil in Darwin”

Happy Tears

“You made me a little bit teary tonight”, I said to Felicity Urquhart as we embraced after her show at “The Vanguard” in Newtown.

Felicity is a country music singer who actually comes from Tamworth, Australia’s country music “capital”.. “One of the daughters of Trish and Rex” she often likes to say.… Read the rest “Happy Tears”