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  • Midnight Oil in Darwin

    Midnight Oil in Darwin

    Although a lot has been written about the serious political content of their lyrics, I’ve always been far more moved by their melodies and beats.

    Songs like “Power & The Passion” and “When The Generals Talk” appealed more to my “dance sensibilities” than most of their 1980s Australian rock contemporaries.… Read the rest

  • Music and Art in Darwin

    Music and Art in Darwin

    Three years ago when my friend, Sue and I were both here in Darwin, we were truly impressed by a busker we saw at the Parap Markets. He was a good-looking young man, with a good voice, and a good stage presence.… Read the rest

  • Happy Tears

    Happy Tears

    “You made me a little bit teary tonight”, I said to Felicity Urquhart as we embraced after her show at “The Vanguard” in Newtown.

    Felicity is a country music singer who actually comes from Tamworth, Australia’s country music “capital”..… Read the rest

  • ABBA – Voyage

    ABBA – Voyage

    The arrival of a new ABBA record back in the 70s and 80s was always a hit and miss affair in Lismore, the country town where I grew up. Though we always knew the date of a new release, there were sometimes delays in it arriving in town.… Read the rest

  • National Indigenous Music Awards 2019

    National Indigenous Music Awards 2019

    Of course I would LIKE her, given she first came to national prominence with the autobiographical play, “White Baptist ABBA Fan”. Though I’ve been aware of the music and works of the opera singer, Deborah Cheetham for about twenty years I’ve never seen her live before.… Read the rest

  • Darwin Festival Opening Night

    Darwin Festival Opening Night

    Somewhere in my collection, I still have an original vinyl copy of the Yothu Yindi album, “Tribal Voice”. Though I liked and played the album a fair bit, it was the dance remix of the song “Treaty” that really brought them to my attention, and made them a favourite.… Read the rest

  • Long Weekend

    Long Weekend

    Though many people like to go away for long weekends, I’m far more inclined to be a home-body. It’s quiet and relaxed. And so, I’m starting the third day of the Queen’s Birthday Weekend with nothing much planned, aside from a very vague idea I’ll go for a swim, and maybe engage in some more “binge television”.… Read the rest

  • Mamma Mia : Here We Go Again

    Mamma Mia : Here We Go Again

    Hardly a day goes by without a newspaper report about the forthcoming “ABBA reunion”. There are two new songs to be released over the next year; there’s a major TV special coming up around Christmas; there’s a “virtual reality” tour on the way; and of course, there’s the latest “Mamma Mia” movie, released this week, which I saw last night.… Read the rest

  • Grace Jones – Bloodlight and Bami

    Grace Jones – Bloodlight and Bami

    The first time I saw/heard Grace Jones was on ABC-TV’s “Countdown”, when they played the video clip for “Walking In The Rain”. I remember going to school the next day, and there was much hilarity and joking among my 16 year old school mates about her.… Read the rest

  • Shane Nicholson album launch

    Shane Nicholson album launch

    I first heard of Australian singer-songwriter, Shane Nicholson about a decade ago (maybe longer) when he recorded a terrific version of the song “Still In Love With You” by legendary Australian band, Dragon.… Read the rest

  • Combat Wombat

    Combat Wombat

    The first time I saw them play live was in May 2005. In the midst of a week of seeing live performances by popera group, Il Divo and cabaret singer, Tim Draxl, I also saw the Australian hip-hop band, Combat Wombat.… Read the rest

  • Melodifestivalen 2016

    Melodifestivalen 2016

    It was another early morning for me, up and out of bed to watch Melodifestivalen, the event which chooses the Swedish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.

    A decade ago, I would have read the results online, and then waited several weeks for the DVD release, before I actually got to see the event itself.… Read the rest