Mary Poppins & the ABC

It may surprise you to discover there’s a statue of Mary Poppins in a park in the NSW country town, Bowral. I hadn’t realised the town’s connection until I visited a couple of years ago.

Though Mary Poppins is very obviously set in London, there’s an Australian connection to the story, as the author P.L.… Read the rest “Mary Poppins & the ABC”


“Because a lot of producers come from a journalism background, they mostly think about the words. I love that he spent so much time speaking about the sound”, I said to someone over drinks at the end of #ozpod2019 today.

We were talking about Dan Blank, creator of the fiction podcast, “Carrier”.… Read the rest “#ozpod2019”

Check out this video about what’s on ABC TV this weekend

Check this out. Terrific ep of Compass on Sunday night, featuring a bunch of people I know well. Check out the promo video for Love Your Neighbour…/compa…/love-your-neighbour/11325744

Baptist Minister Karina Kreminski is well known in the neighbourhood for her blog “Surry Hills and Valleys” which features stories of Surry Hills Residents.Read the rest “Check out this video about what’s on ABC TV this weekend”