Holiday Resolutions

Ron Mueck - untitled (old woman in bed) 2000-2002 at AGNSW

As I walked around the city today, I thought about the ways in which my life could be "different" as I return to work next week. In some ways, these last few months away from work have been similar to the feelings I had about travelling for a lengthy period during 2008. My big "resolution" [...]

Friday Night Bacon

TAFE Art Cuts Protest outside AGNSW

"All we're asking is that you don't applaud the Premier when he speaks..." a woman whispered in my ear, as my friend Kate and I entered the Art Gallery of NSW tonight. We were there for the opening of one of the hottest exhibitions in town: the retrospective exhibition of the works of Francis Bacon, [...]

Picasso Exhibition

Picasso at the Art Gallery of NSW

I was reminded today of that strange phenomenon that occurs every four years when the Olympic Games are on. The phenomenon where everyone seems to develop an expert-like understanding of and opinion about even the most obscure sports. The same phenomenon seems to occur with "mega-exhibitions", like Picasso currently at the Art Gallery of NSW. [...]

Bloody Weather

The original plan for the night was to go to the Noodle Markets in Hyde Park, and then head off to the Monet Exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW. Late this afternoon I asked a bloke who knows about the weather for his advice. "To be honest", he said, "I'd just go to the [...]