Crowd for Quilty and Minchin

Tim Minchin and Ben Quilty

In the (probably) fifteen years I’ve been going to Art After Dark at the Art Gallery of NSW, I’ve never seen a crowd like this before. My colleague Jo (who is a big fan of Tim Minchin) and I agreed we needed to leave work a little early today to make sure we could grab a seat.… Read the rest

Concerned Citizen of Newtown

Earlier today I wrote a letter to my local member of the NSW Parliament, the Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich, telling him…

Hi Alex
I just want to put on the record my concerns about the boundaries for the new seat of Newtown, which I discovered this week I’ll be voting in at the forthcoming election.

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Pop Art Party at the Art Gallery of NSW

Pop Art at AGNSW

A lot of people went to a lot of effort to dress up for the Pop Art Party at the Art Gallery of NSW last night. We didn’t. We were happy just to go along in the same clothes we wear to pretty much every event the AGNSW.… Read the rest

Ron Mueck - untitled (old woman in bed) 2000-2002 at AGNSW

Holiday Resolutions

As I walked around the city today, I thought about the ways in which my life could be “different” as I return to work next week.

In some ways, these last few months away from work have been similar to the feelings I had about travelling for a lengthy period during 2008.… Read the rest

Picasso at the Art Gallery of NSW

Picasso Exhibition

I was reminded today of that strange phenomenon that occurs every four years when the Olympic Games are on. The phenomenon where everyone seems to develop an expert-like understanding of and opinion about even the most obscure sports.… Read the rest