Back in Sydney

“It’s such a long way to Australia”, people kept telling me as I travelled around Europe over the last two months. “It’s only twenty-four hours in the plane, and I made it”, I kept telling them. Having now arrived back in Sydney after what seems like days of travelling, I’m beginning to see their point.

After the excitement of the ABBA Museum Opening on Monday night, the morning after headlines were very much about the non-appearance of Agnetha Fältskog.… Read the rest “Back in Sydney”

Have Arrived in Stockholm

Aside from a slight hiccough over the seats, the flight from Sydney to Stockholm via Beijing went off without a hitch. The hiccough with the seats had nothing to do with Air China. It involved a family of four who had booked separate seats (one set of two, and two individuals) for the flight from Beijing to Stockholm, but who then decided they wanted to sit together. As the family involved two very young children, of course, the two young Swedish women wanted to help, and so they moved.… Read the rest “Have Arrived in Stockholm”