ANZAC Day Dawn Service in Lismore

“Often I used to help the veterans and the windows get ready for ANZAC Day”, one of the community nurses who came to our house last week said. “But there aren’t so many of them around anymore, so I’ve got a pretty clear day”, she added.

As I looked around the crowd attending today’s Dawn Service in Lismore, I noted there were lots of people aged in their 60s and 70s marching, but not many older than that. … Read the rest “ANZAC Day Dawn Service in Lismore”

Anzac Day in Turkey

I was feeling slightly apprehensive about my decision to visit Anzac Cove and Lone Pine.

I’m very proud of my Australian heritage which goes back to the early days of European settlement, and as you can see from this website, I have a strong interest in genealogy and history. To the best of my knowledge, I have no direct connection with the Gallipoli campaign, although I have some distant relatives buried at Lone Pine.

But when a friend and colleague suggested I should visit on Anzac Day, as part of my broader travel plans, I instantly began researching how I would do this.… Read the rest “Anzac Day in Turkey”