• Barangaroo Reserve

    Barangaroo Reserve

    Do we really need another casino in Sydney? Do we really need more tall buildings in the city? Do the people in public housing at Miller’s Point really need to move? Although there are some parts of the Barangaroo development in Sydney which concern me, I was very impressed when Kate and I visited the space earlier today.… Read the rest “Barangaroo Reserve”

  • Hawkesbury River

    Hawkesbury River

    Travelled through the Hawkesbury earlier today. Such a beautiful area. This photograph was captured with a mobile phone camera, held up against a dirty train window. So you can only begin to imagine what it might be like with a proper camera outside, enjoying the winter sunshine.

  • Sydney Harbour

    As we caught the ferry back from an afternoon at Manly’s 16ft Skiff Club, we headed straight to the front of the vessel. I NEVER get sick of catching the Manly Ferry, though I’d imagine if I had to do it every day, it might get tiresome.

    But today there was another reason to find a spot at the front: we had an overseas visitor.… Read the rest “Sydney Harbour”

  • Sweden meets Australia

    Nice surprise in the mail today. A couple of t-shirts I ordered online a while back.

    The first time I’ve ever bought something from an ad I’d clicked on Facebook:)

  • Visiting Australia

    Visiting Australia

    I received a message the other day from a bloke from Sweden called Mattias. Over the last year or so, he and I have corresponded via Google+. He told me he and his wife were planning to visit Australia next year, and was looking for some advice from “the only Australian I know”.… Read the rest “Visiting Australia”