The Chaser’s Empty Vessell at Giant Dwarf

“Twenty years ago”, I told Ronni Khan from Ozharvest, “I worked at Coles New World, and one of my jobs was to document the shrinkage, and to make sure the bins were locked so people couldn’t steal food. Is that still the case, or are the supermarkets now on board? Who do you still get resistance from?”.

She knew exactly what I was talking about: shrinkage is what the supermarket chains refer to and what they mean is food they throw out, and indeed, many still have a policy of locking up their garbage bins to avoid so-called “dumpster dining”.… Read the rest “The Chaser’s Empty Vessell at Giant Dwarf”

The Chaser’s Giant Dwarf

“In the last twelve months two of the institutions I’ve given so much of my life and passion to have disappointed me deeply”, was the most memorable line from Kristina Keneally last night. The former NSW Premier was one of three guests for the “live chat show”, “The Empty Vessell” put by on by The Chaser at their new theatre venue, The Giant Dwarf on Cleveland Street.

Although there were a few moments when she went into “former politician mode”, I thought she was, for the most part, candidly honest.… Read the rest “The Chaser’s Giant Dwarf”

Laughter and Tears

“Don’t worry about it”, I said to Damien as we found ourselves a seat in the front row of a taping of “The Chaser”. “They don’t DO audience participation”, I reminded him.

We were both pretty relaxed about things anyway, as we had spent a fair bit of time at another function I had been invited to.

For a bunch of reasons, the taping of the show began about 90 minutes late. So by the time it actually began, we had probably had two or three glasses of wine each.… Read the rest “Laughter and Tears”