Mary-The Making Of A Princess

“He didn’t really propose to her on the side of the road to Hobart Airport?”, I asked a couple of colleagues during the week. Both were Hobart born and bred, and in the 40-50 year age group. I figured they’d know.

Having seen only the last fifteen minutes or so of “Mary – The Making Of A Princess” last weekend, but having seen the fairly scathing coverage on Twitter (“They can never show this in Denmark”), I was still keen to catch up with the telemovie about the relationship between Crown Prince Fredrik of Denmark and Australia’s Mary Donaldson.… Read the rest “Mary-The Making Of A Princess”

Sunday in Copenhagen

The barmaid received a spontaneous round of applause for the way in which she handled the “trouble-makers” seated in the corner. Neither Sue nor I could work out what was going on. As they took their seats at the corner table, it was pretty evident they’d already had a fair bit to drink. But with the exception of Sue and I, so had everyone else in the bar!

Our attention was more focused on the nearby “cougar” and her potential younger “suitor” for the evening.… Read the rest “Sunday in Copenhagen”

Saturday in Copenhagen

The Museum of Danish Resistance 1940-1945 is surprisingly good. We went along expecting something quite small. I think our expectation was based on some publicity we had read which indicated the museum tour (in English) was less than an hour. In the end, I think we spent well over an hour there, and could have spent even more time visiting.

The museum documents the lead up to the occupation of Denmark by the Nazis, explains some of what happened while they were here, and also covers much of the resistance story.… Read the rest “Saturday in Copenhagen”

The Little Mermaid is Little

“It’s the second-most disappointing tourist attraction in the world”, Martin told us, as we were about to make our way towards Copenhagen’s “Little Mermaid“. Made internationally famous through the work of Hans Christian Anderson, and later through the Disney film, “The Little Mermaid” is one of those things you should definitely cross off your list when you visit Copenhagen. But as Martin observed, “A lot of people come to Copenhagen, see it, and then are surprised when they see how small it is.… Read the rest “The Little Mermaid is Little”

Hello Copenhagen

I was awoken this morning by a text message. The truth be told, I’d heard a few messages come in throughout the night, but since I’m on holiday, and since I’m in Berlin, I hadn’t bothered to look at them. They were, of course, a series of messages concerning the latest challenge (or non-challenge) to the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. I’m still on a “breaking news” alert system operated by the ABC, and had re-installed my Australian SIM card (replacing the Swedish SIM), so received them pretty much instantaneously.… Read the rest “Hello Copenhagen”