Eskilstuna Pride

“What’s your name? Are you German or something?”, I was asked by the bloke who sat down beside me offering me a beer. He was part of a larger group of men and women sitting at the adjoining table at Eskilstuna Pride.

When planning my travel to Sweden, Eskilstuna was very much an afterthought. I’d been here once before, in 2008, but with only vague memories of what it was like, almost a decade later. When looking around online for excursions outside of Stockholm, I was attracted in seeing the town/city has a Pride Festival.… Read the rest “Eskilstuna Pride”

Eskilstuna Day Trip

So anyway, I hit the town last night in expectation of a big night in Stockholm. It had been a warm day, the homos had arrived for Europride, it was a full-moon, and you just knew it was gonna be a big one. And it was. In fact, it was too bloody crowded. Even the very lovely “Torget” was packed to the roof with dozens and dozens of people who all looked remarkably identical to each other.… Read the rest “Eskilstuna Day Trip”