Memories of my Catholic youth

It was sad to read this week news of the death of Sr Janet Mead. Her version of “The Lords Prayer” (which was an international hit record) came out around the time of my First Holy Communion. There are so many things I remember about that time of my life, and the song is one of them. I remember it as a time of my life when I became quite deeply religious.

I think there was a bit of interest in me from the priests and nuns, and not in the way that’s sadly become all too familiar.… Read the rest “Memories of my Catholic youth”

Love Your Neighbour

For the last couple of years, you may recall my involvement in a local story-telling project called “Surry Hills and Valleys“.

There’s four of us involved. The main drivers are Tim (with his photographs) and Karina (reaching out to people for their stories). Astra and I contribute with text, ideas, and the website.

Karina is also a Church Minister, and was the subject of this week’s episode of the ABC TV religious program, Compass (see the video below), with a lot of focus being on the people being brought together through this terrific project.… Read the rest “Love Your Neighbour”

Check out this video about what’s on ABC TV this weekend

Check this out. Terrific ep of Compass on Sunday night, featuring a bunch of people I know well. Check out the promo video for Love Your Neighbour…/compa…/love-your-neighbour/11325744

Baptist Minister Karina Kreminski is well known in the neighbourhood for her blog “Surry Hills and Valleys” which features stories of Surry Hills Residents. Compass explores Karina’s theology, life story and her views about the life and times of Surry Hills locals – all to illustrate what she calls her “Urban Mission.”Read the rest “Check out this video about what’s on ABC TV this weekend”

Blake Prize and Sydney Life

I spent the day visiting two of my favourite annual art exhibitions in Sydney “Sydney Life” and “The Blake Prize“. “Sydney Life” is a photographic competition and exhibition held each year in Hyde Park. “The Blake Prize” is a spiritual/religious themed art competition and exhibition held each year at the National Art School. They’re exhibitions I enjoy because they both challenge and entertain.

The Blake Prize, in particular, is a favourite. It began as an art prize for “religious art” in a fairly strictly Christian sense (I think) but has developed over the years to become a more general exploration of spirituality in art.… Read the rest “Blake Prize and Sydney Life”