Liza Minnelli at Sydney Opera House

From the moment she came on stage (to a standing ovation) to the moment she left (to a standing ovation), I don’t think I’ve ever seen an entertainer work so hard.

There was such a buzz in the air tonight that, when she appeared on stage (in a sparkly white outfit), the audience jumped to its feet. “Does she know how odd that is?”, my friend Colin asked later. “We just don’t do that in Australia”, he later observed.… Read the rest “Liza Minnelli at Sydney Opera House”

Liza with a Zed

One of the most exciting things I’ve done recently is book tickets for Liza Minnelli’s performance at the Sydney Opera House in October.

When pre-sale tickets went online, I was there hitting re-fresh as the bookings website went into melt-down mode.

I’ve put a copy of the seating plan on my window at work with x’s where are seats are located (great seats, by the way) which always gives everyone at work a warm smile.

I suspect my workmates think it’s “all a bit gay” that I’m excited about seeing Liza, but I can assure you it’s a long-term and genuine desire I have.… Read the rest “Liza with a Zed”