Millenium Tour, Stockholm

“There’ll be a new book, a fourth one at the end of August”, we were told today by Carin, our tour group leader for the “(Stieg Larsson) Millenium Tour” run by the Stockholm City Museum, Stockholm Stadsmeet. “We don’t know very much about it”, she went on to say, “except that it hasn’t been written by Stieg Larsson”. The author of the new book was a surprise to me. He is David Lagercrantz, who wrote the best selling book about Swedish footballer, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and for whom, Carin told us, there was “sport” in writing a new book with the Millenium characters, more than about making money.… Read the rest “Millenium Tour, Stockholm”

“Män som hatar kvinnor” på engelska – “The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo”

Hollywood couldn’t possibly release a film called “Men Who Hate Women”, could they? Even though this was the original Swedish language title of the book by Stieg Larsson and movie, it just wouldn’t work for Hollywood, would it? “The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo” sounds far more reasonable, far more exotic, doesn’t it?

Aside from the name change (which was also adopted for the English subtitled release of the Swedish books and films), I thought they’ve done a pretty good job of turning the Swedish crime page-turner into a Hollywood blockbuster.… Read the rest ““Män som hatar kvinnor” på engelska – “The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo””