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  • Weekend


    At first I thought it might have been an LGBTQIA+ rally. On the stage in the nearby park, they had just rehearsed “We Are Family” (by Sister Sledge), and then it was “What’s Going On?” (by Four Non-Blondes). Respectively, they are anthems you might normally associate with gays and lesbians. As I got closer, I spotted the word “family”, further reenforcing my thoughts that it might have been a “rainbow family” event.… Read the rest “Weekend”

  • Mamma Mia : Here We Go Again

    Mamma Mia : Here We Go Again

    Hardly a day goes by without a newspaper report about the forthcoming “ABBA reunion”. There are two new songs to be released over the next year; there’s a major TV special coming up around Christmas; there’s a “virtual reality” tour on the way; and of course, there’s the latest “Mamma Mia” movie, released this week, which I saw last night.… Read the rest “Mamma Mia : Here We Go Again”

  • Scandinavian Film Festival

    Scandinavian Film Festival

    “I thought the Swedes were so hip and cool”, a number of friends and colleagues have said to me, when I’ve told them about a fairly dark past, about how Swedes treated Indigenous people there, the Sami. With a number of parallels to what happened in Australia and many other countries, it’s a very sad story.… Read the rest “Scandinavian Film Festival”

  • The Darkside and Frank Yamma

    The Darkside and Frank Yamma

    I went to one of (maybe the first public screening) of the new film by Warwick Thornton, previously known for such brilliant works as Samson and Delilah (director) and The Sapphires (director of photography).

    In contrast to the clear, strong narrative of those two films, you need to work out your own “narrative” for The Darkside, as the film is based on a series of social history interviews with people about “ghost stories”.… Read the rest “The Darkside and Frank Yamma”

  • Alan Partridge

    Alan Partridge

    We knew within seconds we were in the “wrong movie”. We had already felt a little uncomfortable about the size of the crowd and theatre, expecting a much larger crowd in a much larger theatre. But we sat there, chatting, half-watching the ads, until the opening credits appeared and within seconds we realised we were in the wrong theatre.… Read the rest “Alan Partridge”

  • Äta sova dö (Eat, Sleep, Die)

    Äta sova dö (Eat, Sleep, Die)

    There’s only one Swedish language film in this year’s Sydney Film Festival. Even then, it’s not entirely in Swedish, as parts of the film are also in Serbian and Montenegrin. On top of that, there are bits where the parts in Swedish are delivered with accents. My eyes were popping up and down between the subtitles and the screen, as the conversations would sometimes be a combination of all of these languages.… Read the rest “Äta sova dö (Eat, Sleep, Die)”