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  • Newcastle Harbour #autoawesome

    There’s a terrific feature in the Google Photos app, where, quite randomly it seems, you are served a range of automatic features that you might commonly find only in advanced photo editing programs. The most “most out there” one is where the app can automatically remove people from your photographs of well known tourist spots.… Read the rest “Newcastle Harbour #autoawesome”

  • Morning Walk in Newcastle

    I was up before dawn, determined to have a lovely walk to Nobby’s Beach at Newcastle, and to take some photographs along the way. The weather and beach didn’t disappoint, and it was pretty good to see a large cruise ship in the harbour, Rhapsody Of The Seas, attract attention.

  • Hawkesbury Train

    I’m in Newcastle all week, meeting up with some colleagues from around Australia. While some will fly in directly, and a few will drive up from Sydney, the train’s my preferred way of getting here. Although it takes almost three hours, and the trains no longer go right to Newcastle Central, I love the fact it’s pretty inexpensive, and the fact you go through the beautiful Hawkesbury area, getting quite close to the water in places, and you get to see some rather gorgeous views.

  • Toast to Colin Anderson

    “Colin would have loved this show”, my friend Michaela noted as we enjoyed a half-time drink at “Ruthless – The Musical” at Sydney’s Seymour Theatre tonight. The show was well acted, well sung, it was camp, and it was fun, but it was also deadly serious. It was the kind of show Colin and I would have bought tickets to see togther.… Read the rest “Toast to Colin Anderson”