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  • Food, Service and the Soviets

    Food, Service and the Soviets

    Do you think it’s wrong to tip a waiter just because they’re cute? I struggled briefly with this moral dilemma today as I had a late lunch. On the one hand, it disadvantages the less attractive waiters, but on the other hand, a cute waiter often adds to the enjoyment of the experience.… Read the rest “Food, Service and the Soviets”

  • Contains Nudity

    Contains Nudity

    I woke early this morning with a determination to do some sightseeing. I’d done my research, the weather was looking good, and I was looking forward to seeing more of Riga and a little of neighbouring Jurmala. My research had told me that when Latvia was part of the Soviet Union, the town Jumarla was a favourite holiday-resort and tourist destination for high-level Communist Party officials, particularly Brezhnev and Khrushchev.… Read the rest “Contains Nudity”

  • Riga is not what I expected (in a good way)

    Riga is NOTHING like I expected. To be honest, I was expecting just a larger version of Tallinn. In common with Estonia, Latvia is on the Baltic, and has been dominated over many hundreds of years by foreign powers including Germany, Sweden, Russia (and of course the USSR). But it’s so incredibly different from Tallinn in so many ways.… Read the rest “Riga is not what I expected (in a good way)”