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  • Tropical Fruits NYE

    Tropical Fruits NYE

    “I’ll go there for an hour or two, right at the beginning of the night, before the crowds have arrived and I’ll be home by ten”, I thought to myself as walked to the Lismore Showground.

    I have no idea how many times I’ve done that walk. Memorably though, there was an occasion when I was about seven or eight, and I walked three kilometres from the showground to home, all by myself.… Read the rest “Tropical Fruits NYE”

  • Tropical Fruits Street Parade

    Tropical Fruits Street Parade

    “Is that it? Is that all there is?”, I overhead some visitors say, a bit surprised at how “short” this year’s Tropical Fruits Street Parade was. I was a little inclined to agree, as I remembered the last parade I attended seemed to be a little larger, and there were more people on the streets watching.… Read the rest “Tropical Fruits Street Parade”

  • Tropical Fruits Or Not?

    Tropical Fruits Or Not?

    I felt like a double-agent as I sat and quietly had a beer at one of the local pubs in Lismore this afternoon. It’s a pub which has been traditionally a very “working man’s pub”, but which seems to have embraced the LBTIQ+ Tropical Fruits celebration this year, with lots of rainbow flags.… Read the rest “Tropical Fruits Or Not?”

  • Tropical Fruits Parade and Launch

    Tropical Fruits Parade and Launch

    If I think about all of the things which have happened in terms of gay life in Lismore during my lifetime, there’s a lot to reflect upon.

    Jim Brigginshaw (Northern Star Editor), Sue Bazzana, Anthony Baker
    As a teenager, I remember the homophobic editorials of Jim Brigginshaw, Editor of “The Northern Star”. I remember doing a school project, aged 16, where I was part of a group that interviewed him, and I was terrified.
    Read the rest “Tropical Fruits Parade and Launch”

  • Tropical Fruits Photography Exhibition

    Tropical Fruits Photography Exhibition

    “Where The F… is 34 Union Street?”, I asked myself out loud as I walked along Union Street, South Lismore, a street I’ve walked on many, many times. Although family members have lived on Union Street since the 1930s, I never once imagined there was a #34.

    Indeed, all of the numbers I’ve ever seen have been odd numbers, right up to, and past the Railway Station.… Read the rest “Tropical Fruits Photography Exhibition”

  • Fireworks never disappoint

    Fireworks never disappoint

    I’m sure my mum would have been horrified by what I wore to the New Years Eve Party at the Lismore Showground tonight. It wasn’t outrageous in any way, shape and form: it’s just that it wasn’t new.

    In my family at least there was always a custom to have new outfit for the Lismore Show.… Read the rest “Fireworks never disappoint”