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Have been visiting Sweden on and off for several years. Have been learning the language. Love the place.

Vaxholm, Stockholm
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Leaving Stockholm

“Did I just hear you make another little sigh…? Sandra asked. With only a few hours left in Stockholm before heading to New York, I’d apparently developed a bit of a “sigh” whenever I saw something really wonderful. I wasn’t consciously doing it, though clearly the thought of leaving Stockholm was weighing on my mind. I really love it here, […]

Stockholm, as viewed from the rooftop tour,
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Experience More

When my old school-friend Anthony told me late last year he was planning to visit Stockholm, and was looking for a few “travel tips”, my first question to him was “when are you going to be there?”. Because there is so much climate variation between the summer and winter months, there are some things you can and cannot do, according […]

Monday night at Victoria's in Stockholm
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The Last Few Days

“So how have you spent the last few days”, I asked the mother of a family from Houston I met on the food tour the other day. I randomly ran into them on the Djurgården ferry. “We’ve been on a tour of the Old Town, we got some segways, we’ve been on The Archipelago and we’ve done some shopping” she […]

Urban Deli, Stockholm
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Culinary Södermalm Food Tour, Stockholm

I’ll be honest. I was a little disappointed with the first part of the Culinary Södermalm Food Tour. Not because the food wasn’t good. Not because the tour guide wasn’t good (he was excellent). But because I’m probably a little spoiled for food choice in Sydney, and the offerings of Chinese, Indian and Greek didn’t exactly set my heart on […]

Stockholm Pride - Marching for those who can't which is always my favourite float
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Stockholm Pride Parade

There was a brief moment earlier today when the bloke standing next to me and I looked at each other in momentary disbelief. A second later, and we didn’t need to exchange any words, because we both knew we both just seen a man go past us on roller skates wearing nothing but a rainbow flag. And yes, you guessed […]

Some crayfish at Hötorgshallen
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The Nordic Experience Food Tour, Stockholm

“We don’t actually have them on the menu at the moment because if we did, that’s all we would sell. However, if you’re a local or you know to ask, you can ask them and we’ll make them”, we were told by the chef at the well-known Stockholm restaurant, Tranan. Even though köttbullar (Swedish meatballs) aren’t currently on the menu […]

Måns Zelmerlöw at Stockholm Pride
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Måns Zelmerlöw at Stockholm Pride

The first time I saw Måns Zelmerlöw perform live was at Stockholm Pride in 2008. At the time, I think he really only had one hit song, “Cara Mia”. Eight years later, he was back at Stockholm Pride, and performed that song again. Last night he also sang another previous hit, (and Eurovision/Melodifestivalen entry) “Hope And Glory” as well as […]

Glass is Tomorrow Exhibition at Kulturhuset, Stockholm
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Never Plan Too Much

I started the day with a vague plan to attend some of the events at Stockholm Pride. There was the Opening Ceremony, a Salsa Dance Class, and a talk about the experiences of refugees arriving in Sweden. For whatever reason, I never made it to any of those events. Instead, I started the day visiting the Glass Is Tomorrow exhibition […]

Twentieth century Swedish clothing at the Nordiska Museet, Stockholm
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Nordiska Museet

A few months ago I bought a raincoat from Somedays, the terrific Swedish clothing store in Sydney’s Surry Hills. It must have been an omen foretelling poor weather for this trip to Sweden. The weather hasn’t been great, so far, on this trip to Sweden. In stark contrast to the first time I visited Sweden at exactly the same time […]

Fan Popo - New Beijing New Marriage
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Stockholm Pride – Chinese Queer Film

Sadly, my “Swedish” is not sophisticated enough to understand the complexities of some of the discussions you might encounter at an event like Stockholm Pride. While it won’t be too much of an issue at events like the Schlagerkväll (the pop music night), I’m still very interested in going to talks and events, especially since Stockholm Pride usually has a […]

Helene Schmitz artwork in the Mariatorget T-bana in Stockholm
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Stockholm Metro Art, Tunnelbana

I love how the Swedish subway is more than just advertising. As you’ll see elsewhere on the internet The Stockholm subway system is said to be the world’s longest art exhibit – 110 kilometers long.Traveling by subway is like traveling through an exciting story that extends from the artistic pioneers of the 1950s to the art experiments of today. Over […]

The ceiling of the legislature at Stockholm Town Hall, Stadshuset, with the blue depicting sky, and the idea that ideas/decisions would be shared directly with the cityfolk.
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Stockholm City Hall Tour, Stadshuset

Although I’ve visited Stockholm City Hall, Stadhuset many times over the last few years, I came back to Stockholm this time with an unfulfilled goal: to climb the tower. That goal remains unfulfilled. Though I will definitely get to it some time on this trip, today I did took part in a 45-minute tour of the city hall that I […]

There's so much going on in this photograph on Prästmangatan in Gamla Stan, Stockholm
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Sunday Sightseeing

When I woke this morning, I looked out the window and the sky was still grey. We had a fair bit of rain yesterday afternoon and evening, and although the rain had pretty much cleared, there was still a fairly heavy fog engulfing my part of Stockholm. Confident that I didn’t need to get out of bed too early, I […]

Millenium Tour Group
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Millenium Tour, Stockholm

“There’ll be a new book, a fourth one at the end of August”, we were told today by Carin, our tour group leader for the “(Stieg Larsson) Millenium Tour” run by the Stockholm City Museum, Stockholm Stadsmeet. “We don’t know very much about it”, she went on to say, “except that it hasn’t been written by Stieg Larsson”. The author […]

The view at 3.00am from Stockholm's Hilton Hotel
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Have Arrived in Stockholm

I’m not exactly sure what took longer: the flight from Tokyo to Stockholm (via Frankfurt), or the time we waited for our luggage to come off the plane at Arlanda Airport. I don’t ever recall having waited at least thirty minutes for the turnstiles to start turning here before. As I looked around those waiting, even the ever-patient Swedes (who […]


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