It’s almost lunchtime Friday. After my first day at work, I paid a visit to Woolies to buy an alarm clock and some wine to take to Penny’s.

Penny is living with two other people in an older-style Darwin home (about 20 years old). Unlike some of the newer Darwin homes, this one has lots of windows and louvres (sp?), to allow
the breeze to flow. The garden, with a backyard pool, is filled with palm trees, making it lush, but requiring a lot of water during the dry season. We sat around, ate cheese and drank wine for a few
hours before it was time to go home since both of us had to start work early the next morning.

By the time I finished work at 4.15 I was a little buggared, so I went home, had a shower to freshen myself up a little before heading off to Mindill Markets. The markets were just as I remember from a couple of years ago. A huge variety of food stalls, hippy-style craftwork, and a sensational sunset.

Mindill Sunset

After the markets, Peter and Sue, took me for a drive around some of the new areas of Darwin. Unlike the older houses, which have a very Darwin-esque style of architecture, the newer houses are in the style of the Gold Coast homes… lots of concrete, lots of steel… could be anywhere really. Peter tells me his son is building a house in the older style of Darwin homes and it’s considered a “quite unusual” thing to do.

This weekend I’m off to the Katherine Country Music Muster, so I’ll have lots to say about that, I’m sure. I might have time for another post before then.

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