Hot and Humid

It’s Saturday lunchtime and I’m at work for two reasons. First, I had to make a few arrangements, face to face, with one of the presenters. Second, it’s SOOOOOO BLOOOOOOODY HUUUUUMID. I’m not sure what the actual humidity reading is, but speaking with some people here at work, they’ve told me the weather today is very strange… a bit like the “build-up”.

Should I explain the “build-up”? Although aboriginal people in the area have identified up to eight seasons in the Top End (and the Top End refers only to one part of the Northern Territory, not the whole of the NT), white folk here usually just refer to the “wet season”, the “dry season” and the “build up”. While the Dry season is near perfect, with temperatures above 30 every day and not a rain cloud in site, the Wet Season is probably more of an acquired taste. During the Wet season temperatures get a bit higher but, more importantly, the humidity rises sharply. Most locals say the “build up” is the worst. From October to the end of December the heat builds up along with the humidity. Storm clouds form, but very rarely is there any rain. If I can be a little sexual for a moment… it’s like your mother walking into your room when you’re on the verge of an orgasm.

Went out for a drink last night with Penny and a guy called Keith. Keith also lives in my apartment block on Level 8, which, he tells me, is the same level as the brothel! So yes, I was right about prostitution.

Also went to the other local bar, “Throb”, which was a little more exciting than the “Mississippi Queen”. Lots more people and friendlier too. I’ll write a more complete review when I have time.

I’m off for some lunch and then to do the War Tunnels tour that Damien and I didn’t get to do last time we were here.

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