Points Of Difference

After work last night I wandered home and watched television for a while. After having dinner at the “Happy Garden” Chinese restaurant (which has an outdoor area with fans, where you can have a beer as well),

It’s Saturday morning and I think I may have malaria, or at least I think I have “gone troppo”, as some of the smallest things are giving me the giggles. I’ve just been listening to ABC Radio’s “Gardening Talkback”, and the first few questions were “I have a palm tree in the backyard that’s about to die”, “I have a termite mound growing in my front yard”, and “I’m having trouble getting
my coconuts out of the tree”. I swear it’s true!

And last night, I wandered to the local bar and met a girl, Michelle, who was from Snowtown, South Australia. I also swear it’s true. She, apparently, never worked in the State Bank, but did have an account there.

The local “bar”, the The Railcar Bar & Mississippi Queen is just as I remembered it two years ago, except this time a couple of people actually spoke to me, albeit briefly.

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