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Yesterday morning I went to see a movie preview of “Biggie & Tupac”. What? Who? When I mentioned the movie to Damien he said, “Oh, the rappers?” I was taken aback, since I had never heard of “Biggie & Tupac” the movie or the rappers before going to see it. The story? It concerns two rappers, Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls who were killed in the late 90s. While it has been largely believed it was the result of some east/west coast feud, the film makes a case for the involvement of corrupt police officers and the head of Death Row Records, Suge Knight, who ironically is serving a prison sentence. There are some genuinely touching moments – especially with Biggie’s mother – and some funny moments. Although I think the pace falters at around two thirds of the way through the film – I found myself saying, yes, it’s time to end it now – I think it’s a good movie. Highly recommended.

Some friends and I went to see “Mind Games with Marc Salem” at the Sydney Opera House Playhouse. He has studied psychology, sociology and anthropology, among others, and says he’s just very good at noticing things, at picking up non-verbal cues. And so for about 90 minutes, he uses all of these skills to “read people’s minds”. It was great fun… especially since some of the “trickery” is hard to deconstruct. One of my friends suggested that as he asked for doctors, teachers and lawyers, the so-called honest professions, they may be the ones it is easiest to pick when they are lying or attempting to lie. Some of his tricks were just good maths. Some were undoubtedly examples of good memory and observation. Some I just can’t figure out how he did what he did.

A heavy rainstorm followed as we waited for a cab to the Sydney Festival Bar. We had a few drinks… chatted… had a very enjoyable night.

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