Day At The Races

It’s Sunday afternoon/evening. I’m sitting here with a blanket over my knees. I’m freezing. I can’t decide if it’s because it really is cold, or if it’s because I have spent the whole day in bed. I worked last night until 6am, so I slept almost all of the day away until about 5pm.

At 10.42 yesterday, Damien and I caught the train to Rosehill Race Course for the annual Sydney Markets Race Day. We calculated that it’s about the fifth or sixth time that we’ve attended the race day and this time was probably the best.

We arrived early this time because we could. Until now, we have always been a little late, due to Damien’s work commitments. This year, however, we were able to leave early and get there early, early enough for the first race, which we watched from downstairs before heading upstiars for lunch.

It was a bright, sunny day, although the track was declared slow, as Damien discovered as he checked the form.

Another reason for being downstairs was so that I could take some really great photographs close up.

The first horse I saw was, in fact, my first and best winner of the day, returning me a $23.50 profit. I can’t remember its name now, but I thought it sounded to have good form and, being close to where the horses were lining up, I thought it looked like a good horse. What would I know?

We spent the next few hours wining and dining and betting on races upstairs in the Marscay Room. I had a few good conversations, including with Thomas George, the Member for Lismore. Damien also really enjoyed chatting with Sue and Richard about their trip to France last year.

Soon after the last race, we caught the train back to the city.
Damien had suggested earlier in the day we might also have dinner at Pazzo that evening, so we booked a table and had an enjoyable meal. What a great end to a day together!

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