I Know It So Well

It’s Monday afternoon and it’s a public holiday in Sydney. , although I’ve just spent a few hours at work. I also really enjoyed having a beer at the pub on the way home, since it’s a stinking hot day in Sydney. At the time of writing, I think it’s already in the 30s, meaning that summer is well on the way, as typified by the emergence of the leaves on the Plane Trees in my street. The last week or so has been quite busy and quite social. But to other things first…

Do you know how hard it is to be removed from an email list? Last year in Perth, I joined a couple of organisations which had an email distribution list. 11 months after leaving Perth, I’m still getting their crap.

And so on Thursday night, I wrote to them saying I know it can be hard running an email list… but honestly… I am writing to you once again asking you to remove me from your distribution list.

The first time I wrote was in January, soon after leaving Perth. I have used the unsubscribe function and I have written to this address on three or four occasions now, asking for my address to be removed from your list. And still I receive them…

As a result of your inaction, I have added you to my ISP’s list of Spam Providers. If I receive any more emails, I will write to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman detailing the correspondence. How’s that? By the way, I haven’t received an email to acknowledge this, so I’m just wondering if next month I’ll still be receiving their rubbish.

Over the last week, I’ve been out for a meal or two and a drink or two, but probably the biggest highlight was this weekend when my friend Patrick drove up from Canberra. On Saturday night we went to see Elaine Paige at the Sydney Opera House. And of course, she started with an encore! Yes, Elaine Paige came to the stage of the Sydney Opera House with the kind of song she’d normally be asked to come back to perform. In fact, when I think about it, most of the night’s songs were the kind of song you’d perform as an ecore.

This week will also be reasonably busy with theSydney Bloggers Meetup on Tuesday and the Andrew Olle Media Lecture on Friday. Not much else to report.

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