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Throughout each week I read several blogs regularly. As a life snapshot, here’s what my favourite blogs, alphabetically speaking, are saying in their first paragraph only, right now. I probably should put a “on blogging vacation” sign on this site. Consider this post it. Also, be sure to watch Ant Loewenstein on Safran and Father Bob tonight. What’s the show called? Speaking in tongues. If you know me you’ll be well aware that I don’t like doing work things outside of work hours, unless absolutely necessary, or it has the potential to make a whole lot of money. I kind of figure, my time is my chance to unwind from the pressures of work, so doing a whole days work and then going for dinner with the people I work with isn’t always my idea of a nice night. Even after eating two meals today, by the time dinner came around I was in a state of frenzy, and the stuff that eats the lining of my stomach was being eaten by something else entirely. Senator Laura Bush? President Says Never. But she has her husband’s permission to work in the Senate’s kitchen and laundry in her spare time. Another great step forward for the equality of women in the American consciousness. So apparently skateboarding is back in fashion. Did it ever go out? On route to work everyday I pass a plethora of punkz doing tricks outside St Mary’s Cathedral on College St. There’s a rather expansive cemented area off the church steps with flower boxes, wide steps and mini lamp posts. God’s playground. This becomes their stage, their canvas, upon which they paint their portraits. Morning, noon and night they congregate at the foot of Christ. He could walk on water. Ner ner. New Horizons successfully launched. Only about 5,700,000,000 km until Pluto, then on into the Kuiper Belt. It’s Christmas Party Season!. The first party of the month was my work Christmas Party which was a thrilling affair. It’s the usual work-type Christmas event where the C.E.O. of the company stands up and tells everyone to have a great time. They then go on to remind everyone about the company alcohol policy and to drink responsibly, following up with the offer that if you do find yourself a bit “under the weather”, feel free to come up to any of the Management Team and they will be happy to arrange for your transport home. Only one person at the party took up that offer. His last day was about two weeks later. I was meant to go to the Perth weblog meetup, but I didn’t. Just like last month when I didn’t either. It’s getting to be a little tradition, isn’t it? So here’s why this time. Insular, reclusive, paranoid. Terms used to describe the rogue states of North Korea and Tasmania appear all too frequently in the newspapers these days, conjuring up images of scrawny gymnasts, poor mobile phone reception and sports stadiums full of blue vein cheese samples. As one would expect, the competition between the two states in gourmet food, wood turning and political repression is fierce, with bitter rivalries rising to the surface every year at mass public events. In the case of Pyongyang – Kim Jong-il’s birthday celebrations. In Hobart – the Taste of Tasmania annual summer food and wine festival. This summer, Pop Goes Canberra ventures deep into the axis of evil to investigate this breath-taking phenomenon. The result? A heart-warming insight into the lives of ordinary Tasmanian citizens, struggling to survive in this former prison colony turned nanny-goat state. In this sensational posting, PGC will reveal how these stoic, southerly people are standing proud and resolute as Supre continues its invasion into their remote penal outpost, tightening its vice-like grip on the vulnerable inhabitants as we speak. I’ve been thinking about HN51 – the avian bird flu – which this week killed some people in Turkey (no bird pun intended). Been a bit slow with the ol’ posting lately. Time for some catch-up. Chrissy was great. Scored some Vodka (which I don’t really drink, but that hasn’t stopped me emptying the bottle, with the aid of some lemon drink), an AWESOME wizard cloak (pics to come when it gets readjusted to my post-christmas frame) and a smattering of other useful tidbits. The kids scored massively. They are getting old enough to appreciate scoring massively. Speaking of the kids, a poorly recollected kiddie quote involving Ben asking about when the dinosaurs were around, Mummy answering something along the lines of “a long time ago” to which Ben replied something along the lines of “When you were younger mummy?”. Too poorly recollected for the kiddy quotes page so think of this as an exclusive *nods*. Oh as usual the normal birthday/xmas blurring occured. Speaking of which, if you still pop by, happy birthday Luke (you know who you are, unless you don’t). Well before I started this blog I had a false start at getting one going in late 2002/early 2003. I was going to call it “Chiffon Tents” as a reference to the expression ‘Camp as a row of pink chiffon tents’. I downloaded MovableType, tried to figure it out and the intricacies of server side blog posting etc. Then I discovered Blogger and ready made templates, and took the path of least resistance. Well, we were given instructions when leaving that no $$$figures were to be discussed or disclosure of how much individuals donated to the rescue package, etc – some of that will be disclosed later by SLPA.

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