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I haven’t been reading as many blogs in the last couple of weeks, mostly due to other commitments, but here’s a snapshot of some of the blogs I regularly read…

Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit: My new expensive toy arrived around lunch time on Monday, so I’ve been spending time setting it up and getting it all nice and personalised. It’s a wonderful machine, feels very powerful and solid as a brick, not to mention the very elegantly designed special features like the built in camera and Front Row application with remote control.

Gusworld: I’ve got a news story at ZDNet about Virgin Blue’s offer of free wireless access to users of its airport lounges. While this is an obvious way of trying to compete with Qantas, I was genuinely surprised that the company didn’t have a pat answer for how access to the network would be restricted solely to lounge users.

Papertrap: Today I was sitting in the Enmore laundromat, reading The Winter of Our Discontent and waiting for the dryer and I saw some girls walk by outside.

Pop Goes Canberra: Why don’t pool parties like THIS happen in Canberra? Well, probably because: Canberra isn’t exactly the Cote d’Azur; There aren’t that many hot Swedes in Canberra; Canberrans don’t listen to quality pop music like this (except PopGoesCanberra)

Red Sultana: You know the film “Working Girl” with Melanie Griffiths and Sigourney Weaver? Big haired secretary makes it to her own office after pretending to be her boss when her boss has a skiing accident to the point of wearing her suits. Oh, and cutting her hair. Well that’s how I felt today.

The Other Andrew: Right up until that point… Stating The Obvious…I wasn’t sure what it was. A bit of Newtown oddness, seen out having breakfast with Morgan yesterday.

Oh yeah, and you’ve probably noticed I’ve been playing around with the design of this site lately. I’ve been using WordPress which is fantastic, giving me lots of flexibility, including the addition of new features such as an integrated gallery. I think I’ve finally found my online home.

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