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I was given a brief reminder today of my glorious former career when notified of a new book by Steve Chase, a former ABC NSW Parliamentary reporter, recounting his days in the press gallery.

The mention is brief, and probably not all that flattering since it kind of suggests I was probably “used”, but it documents an interview I did a thousand years ago. The interview, it seems. played a significant role in the downfall of NSW Police Minister, Ted Pickering, and in the establishment of the Royal Commission into Policing in NSW.

Steve Chase Book

For a brief moment, I was taken back to Wagga Wagga. I vividly remember the interview even now. I also remember the interview with Joe Schipp, the Member for Wagga Wagga and NSW Housing Minister in which he was critical of his leader, NSW Premier, John Fahey. More than the interview, I remember the newspaper headline that followed, “Shut Up Joe”. Classic.

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