Beautiful Week

It’s been a reasonably quiet week on the holiday front. I’ve been going out for a mid morning coffee most days, have been reading and viewing a few things, and have been doing some house-cleaning, ridding myself of unwanted clothes and books.

I’ve been enjoying my mid-morning coffee, in particular, at a new cafe called, “Cee Cee” that’s opened up in Crown Street. The coffee and food have been well made and presented, and the cafe has a nice, airy, summer environment. It’s been a real pleasure just to grab a copy of “The Australian” (they don’t have it as one of their newspapers), head across the road and “smell the coffee”.

Just thirty minutes of reading, drinking, and watching the world go by. This morning, for example, three people caught my eye. There was the heavily tatooed bloke walking down the street with his shirt off (it’s not that hot, surely) with his girlfriend. There was the obese young man, walking down the street with his elderly father, looking old before his time. And there was the “young middle class mother with a conscience” who, despite the warmth, was dressed like a Kosovo refugee, in solidarity, I’m sure. All of these people interested me, as I wondered to myself “how did they get there?”.

The weather’s great. The bird’s seem happy, making their noises. So all in all, a nice time to take some leave.

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