Public Servants Go Bowling

“So where are you from?”, I asked the middle-aged woman on the next green at the Camperdown Bowling Club. “Telstra”, she replied, “What about you?”. “From the ABC”, I said, sparking her interest. “Is that geeky guy here?” she asked. “Oh you mean …….?”. “No, the other one from The Inventors, but is he here too? Oh wow!” But aside from a couple of celebrities in our midst, it was just another group of communications-based public servants going out for an afternoon of lawn bowls, as appears to be the trend for Christmas Parties this year.

Reflecting the times, our work Christmas Party has changed with the years. We’re no longer the young silly folk we once were who thought the annual Christmas Party was a once-a-year opportunity for us all to get awfully drunk and snog the workmate of our choice. I mean, that did occur to an extent last year, but generally speaking we’re all a little older now, and hopefully a little wiser, and I guess that’s why the lawn bowls afternoon went down so well, Although one staff member thought going lawn bowling was a little “downmarket”, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. So what’s the next big trend? What’s next year? Maybe we’ll all just get awfully drunk and snog the workmate of our choice. But which one?

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